OMFreakinG. Sinus Drainage!!!

on 12/8/10 10:09 am - Dayton, OH
I am so upset!!!!!  Last night, I started to get a small runny nose, and now, my lap band is tormenting me with my sinus drainage.  Every single thing I eat takes absolutely FOREVER to go through, and I'm in pain!!!!!  I guess from the looks of this, I'm going to have to go on my liquids until this drainage goes away!!!  

I read on another website that sinus drainage can act like "cement" in your lapband and make things extremely hard and difficult to go through.  This is my first cold since my surgery in 09 and I'm baffled!!!  I just had 2 chicken tenders and now, I'm feeling like someone has stabbed me right in between my shoulder blades.  To make it all worse, I just sneezed.

crystal M.
on 12/8/10 10:31 am - Joliet, IL

I am going through the same thing right now.  I have been sooooo sick with strep and a sinus and ear infection.  I have a river of mucus going down the back of my throat.  With the combination of my restriction being tighter than usual,  I also have my throat hurting really bad too.  For the last two days I have been living on protein drinks, water and Carb Smart ice cream bars.  I know warm things are supposed to soothe your throat but I find cold things not only soothe but numb my throat too.  But I have not ate any solid food since Monday morning.  I can feel my band does not want to let any food through without a fight...but niether does my throat. 
on 12/8/10 11:01 am - Dayton, OH
Oh no!!! 

I normally get strep throat twice a year, and luckily, knock on wood!, I haven't had it since my surgery, so I've not experienced this kind of problem before.  I can not get over this!!!  Even coffee with some of my favorite pumpkin spice creamer is almost a little much for me to take right now.

I've been working on a bottle of water w/ crystal lite in it, and next is going to be some hot tea.

I hope you start feeling better soon!!!!!
on 12/9/10 12:26 am - MD
After 2 yrs of misery that could very well explain my lapband problems. I have chronic rhinitis and over 30 allergies. In addition to that I also have a hiatal hernia. i can eat the smallest bite and thats how it feels, like the food hit a piece of cement and didnt go down. of course I am always hungry and never have had that "new full" sensation that others have talked about. I am 2 yrs out and only down 20 lbs.  After a good cold it takes the drainage a month or more to stop. My oatmeal feels like sludge this morning.

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on 12/9/10 2:15 pm - Kansas City, MO
I have a sinus infection and I'm taking antiobiotics and Mucinex. It's draining like crazy.

I may have to push my scheduled fill out a week because I don't think it will be better.
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on 12/10/10 2:21 pm - Dayton, OH
Thinking about it, that also may be why I'm only down 25 lbs since my surgery, too!!!  And it's been a year and a half!!!

I weighed myself tonight and almost cried.  I'm litterally so frustrated with myself right now because I can't eat right, and what I can eat is bad stuff... I'm about to just say to heck with it and drain the band because I'm at my wits end.  
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