Does Medicare pay for revision...

Pamela B.
on 2/6/11 9:05 am - AR
VSG on 08/14/15
I am wondering so I an make the right decision....IF I should need one....
(deactivated member)
on 2/6/11 9:08 am - Des Moines, IA
If you are thinking about revision even before you have had surgery, maybe you need to explore your options more.  Whatever surgery you get, you should go into it believing.  Just my opinion.
on 2/6/11 9:32 am - Athens, GA

Do you know Jaqueline? She was a bandster and revised about a month ago to RNY. U can prob. find her on the RNY forum. I think Medicare paid for her revision.


Jo N.
on 2/6/11 9:45 am - Crawfordsville, IN
Yes Medicare pays for revisions if medically necessary. If you would do some research you would see that in answering your other post, you can get the VSG that you wanted orginally from Medicare also. The denial claim just needs to be appealed w/a physican's medically necessary letter/claim. You need to do a lot of research regardless of what WLS option you chose to get. Based on your two posts so far, it appears you have done little research. Please, Please, P L E A S E - research, research, & when you think you've researched a crap load of information - research all over again.
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on 2/6/11 12:12 pm
Revision on 10/08/10 with
please do your research on the different surgeries, talk to your insurance person at the doctors office.  I do not know whethere medicaire will pay for a revison but can tell you that you have to be 100% positive that the surgery you choose is going to work for you and work your tool. I am not saying that one surgery is better than the other.

I had the band and due to complications had it removed and the bypass done.  I wish that the band had worked for me and that I had understood the complications.  i had done lots of research and was more educated because I had co workers that also had the surgery but I truly did not understand the complications.  Just please go to lap look at the complications.  Order WLS books from  get weight loss surgeries for dummies.  This is not a race. If you are not ready for the surgery and are not 100% positive of the surgery then tell your dr and dont rush into surgery


on 3/24/14 1:37 pm - Dickson, TN

Actually, I think you are wise to ask about a revision if your WLS fails. I had my gastric bypass in Sept. 2005. My highest was 381. I lost 200 lbs. When I hit the 5 year mark I started regaining weight. No matter what I did, the weight continued to come back. I'm now back up to 270 and totally disgusted with myself and my surgery. I can exercise until I'm about to drop. I even went and did a 2 week liquid diet just like I did when I first had my surgery. The scale never budges. I'm not happy with myself in any shape, form, or fashion.

Let me warn you about a possible side affect I don't think I've ever seen mentioned. (I honestly don't come on this site much anymore.) I ended up having to have all my teeth removed and get dentures. Why? I wasn't absorbing my calcium. I did the chews just like my surgeon told me to do, yet me teeth still crumbled. Now, I'm worried about my bones. 

Think long and hard! And be extra careful when you hit the 5 year mark. I wish you much luck!

on 3/25/14 2:29 pm - Davison, MI

Anglebear you should have started another thread to address your concerns as this one is 3 years old and about medicare.  Not absorbing calcium is a problem usually in people not getting the right calcium.  It is very important for RNY to have calcium citrate.  Our center didn't even know about this in '05(and still listed the wrong kind in '09).  We had a person with RNY almost lose her mother because of this.  She started hard core researching nutrition at the molecular level.  She was the go to person for our center and even lead support groups to educate people about getting the RIGHT kinds of supplements.  She would help people set up complex scheduled.  She was here on OH and had a blog and people differed to her with the up most of respect.

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Kate -True Brit
on 2/6/11 3:54 pm - UK

As the others say! If you are going into this thinking it might not be the surgery for you - you are not making the correct choice.

ALL surgery carries risks, and especially to obese people. We can't go into this without being very sure. And planning a second surgery for if the first one doesn't work out seems to show that you don't yet have the full commitment to the necessary lifestyle changes.


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