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Can you eat pasta?

on 2/25/11 4:13 pm
I am 3 months post op and was wondering if anyone eats pasta.
on 2/25/11 4:22 pm - Chula Vista, CA
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I try but get stuck and vomit every time so I have given up on pasta... but everyone is different so maybe you can... Good luck
on 2/25/11 5:02 pm
 I am considering the band as I had an apt. today with my doc but, after doing research I may not do it afterall. 

Most importantly, if the lap band doesn't stop you from overeating than why get it ??!!!

Plus, you can't eat pasta ???!!!!   

Bette B.
on 2/25/11 8:50 pm
 if the lap band doesn't stop you from overeating than why get it ??!!!

Newflash: NOTHING is going to stop you from overeating!!! If you are heading into WLS believing that any of the procedures will take a fork out of your hand, you are setting yourself up for failure.


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on 2/26/11 4:50 am
Well said Bette!!   It takes work and active participation!  No WLS is MAGIC.... and when you weigh the option of living a longer healthier life versus pasta.... for me... longer healtier life wins....  
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on 2/26/11 5:06 am
On February 25, 2011 at 5:02 PM Pacific Time, cutecatsx6 wrote:
 I am considering the band as I had an apt. today with my doc but, after doing research I may not do it afterall. 

Most importantly, if the lap band doesn't stop you from overeating than why get it ??!!!

Plus, you can't eat pasta ???!!!!   

Bette said it straight foward if you think that then you are not going to do well at all on this surgery .

All the lapband does is keep you fuller longer and cuts your portions down that is it  nothing else.

You have to make the choice on what food to put in your mouth, you are the one that needs to stop eating at one cup of food not the lapband but YOU !!!

Any WLS you get done, you have to watch your portions, you have to eat right , and you have to exercise you dont do them three things then most likely you will fail !!

and the original poster . yes I can eat pasta without no problems Im three months out also but at this time I chose not to eat it due to carbs.

We are only suppose to have 50-60 carbs per day and I hate to waste my carbs on just one thing like pasta since its so high in carbs .

Once I lose my weight and to get to goal and maintain I will add it back into my diet but just not right now and to be honest I dont even miss it , I was never a pasta girl anyways :o) 
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on 2/25/11 4:31 pm - IL
Can only have about 1-2 table spoons at dinner, and not every day. Lunch time forget about it. I also have to over cook it. I feel if I don't have a little I may cheat with something far more dangerous.
on 2/25/11 6:25 pm
DS on 08/20/12
I have no problem with pasta. As long as it has sauce on it I can handle it without any problems. I cut it up, chew really well and eat slowly. Most of the pasta I eat is whole wheat pasta.

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on 2/25/11 6:47 pm
I use angle hair, over cook it and can only eat a few bites of it with sauce.  I try not to deprive myself of the things I really love. 
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on 2/25/11 7:51 pm
DS on 08/20/12
I use thin spaghetti alos. But I have been able to eat wide noodles in a diet fetticcine meal. I smooshed them with a fork and chewed carefully. It's all trial and error.

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Kate -True Brit
on 2/25/11 10:58 pm - UK

No problems! But unlike aPP, I find it best not too well cooked.  Kate

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But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


Jamie Z.
on 2/26/11 5:30 am - MI
I have no problems with pasta either. I do find it is a bit of a slider for me though
Suzanne K.
on 2/26/11 6:49 am - NJ
 Since my 2nd fill this week, I have to say that I'm truly limited in the amount of food intake i can eat, especially when it comes to carbs and pasta.....

I can eat a sushi roll with rice very very slowly....i love japanese sushi rolls!

pasta feels too painful to get down thru the band.....

I will try some soft lasagna, maybe this week....just a few bites, cuz I do love pasta!!!!

on 2/26/11 9:42 am - Davenport, FL
I haven't tried yet.  I no doubt will try it later on down the road.  I do love pasta.  I would choose the whole wheat one when and if I do though.   Just be careful if you do try it.  Small amts and chew well as usual.
on 2/26/11 5:22 pm
Unfortunatly I have no problems with Pasta or breads (wish I did LOL) although I do eat gluten free versions which may have something to do with it and my breads are toasted.

I most certainly can't eat as much as I used to and I do allow myself one starchy carb at dinner..either potatoes, bread or pasta............

on 2/27/11 8:08 am - Robinson, PA
First of al the band controls portions for me....I can basically eat anything.  Pasta...YES, as long as it is hot.  Once it cools to room temperature....forget about it.  I can eat thin, reg spaghetti, also angel hair.  The bigger pastas are tricky.  Like i said if they are hot and i chew th ehell out of them they will go down.

The band itsel is a tool.  For me it is tricky, some times i can eat pizza and bread, not much but a taste is good for me.  I can eat 2 pieces of pizza on one day and none at all on another.  Depends on the bread and the temperature for me.  

If you think the band does not limit what you eat you are wrong.  Tell my stomach that.  Without the band it would not be difficult for me to eat 8-10 pieces of pizza or 25- 30 bufffalo wings.  Now when i go out me and my wife share a salad and a piece of pizza.  She is 120 lbs and often eats more than i can.  We used to get 30 wings and share them, now we get 18 and im lucky to get 3 0r 4 down.

By the way i love pasta there is a brand called "Dreamfields" which is delicious and is made with low carbs and non digestible carbs.  My wife loves it too and she can easily sense the taste of low fat low carb products.  It is about twice the cost of reg pasta, but so what.

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on 2/27/11 8:58 am
I have no problem with pasta. The first year I was banded I had trouble with foods and breakfast but found out it was only because my band was to tight. I have no problem with breads, fruit, meat or pasta just really have to eat them in moderation

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on 2/28/11 8:24 am
Thanks for all the answers. Not going to try for a while. But someday maybe..