pain around the port area

on 2/26/11 10:09 am

If there is anyone who has pain or discomfort around the port area? I am not to sure if I need to go to the hospital because where the port is it's very sore, and it looks like it's filled with puss? I am vrery nervous.... I don't know why I'm experiencing this?!
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on 2/26/11 10:30 am - Des Moines, IA
Please call your surgeon.  Someone should be on call.
Penny Lane
on 2/26/11 10:00 pm - Camden, OH
 Dear sjames.... i am glad you posted this ... i have also just started having discomfort around my port area my surgery was back on dec 7 ..... i don't have the drainage or discolorazation but it has started being sore SOMEtimes i am thinkin if urs looks like it has *****ou need to seek medical attn ..... call ur surgeon even tho its a weekend ur surgeon will still be able to be contacted. please post and let me know how you are doing .... r u running a fever with it ????? 
Lisa O.
on 2/26/11 11:58 pm - Snoqualmie, WA

In general, the port incision takes the longest to heal.  But if there is redness and it's hot to the touch you could have an infection and should have it checked out by a doctor. 

I didn't have an infection but my port incision took about 3 months ot heal fully and even after that I could feel twinges around the port area.  The port is stitched to the muscle wall and as you move around, especially when you start to exercise you will feel it pull and there will be little tweaks and twinges because it's pulling on that muscle.

If you think you have an infection or there is actually puss oozing, don't take chances.  Have it checked out.

Take care,
Lisa O.

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on 2/27/11 4:41 am - Salem, OR
Just wondering if you called your doctor?  If not, is it actual puss coming from the port site?  or is it drainage?  As wounds heal there is a natural drainage that can occur.  But if there is heat/redness/odor to the site of the port wound, please contact your doctor right away. 
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