The End Of Overeating

on 3/19/11 1:24 am - Hollywood, FL

Its been 3 1/2 years since my surgery and you need to read and truely educate yourself, because, "TOOL" or "NO TOOL" we can regain if we are not vigilent and continue to learn as much as you can about the foods we eat and why. (whew what a freaking run on sentence, oh well)!
The End Of Overeating By; David Kessler
OMGo****his book has been so eye opening! Anyone  who has ever struggled with their weight should read this, as well as new parents!The nutritionist from our Dr.s office was sharing about this book at a recent support group meeting, I e-mailed her after completeing the book and we are thinking about using the book as a possible meeting topic or topics for future discussions!

 This book has changed how I look at food, and my own food choices and has truely confirmed what my counselor, and a few recent articles I have read throughout this journey have all said. Anyone thinking that  WLS will take care of their problem with food, is in for an eye opener when they realise  there are so many hidden cues  out there that can and eventually do come knocking at our door.                While the book is not about WLS, it is about FOOD and all the players involved from our enviroment, to the various resources that food companies and markerters use to bring us in and entice us. A definate must read for anyone who has ever struggled, or is struggling with their weight.

I left a link         if anyone is interested in checking out this book. It really is an eye opener.

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on 3/19/11 1:57 am
Looks interesting!  I may have to check it out
Bette B.
on 3/19/11 2:33 am
 I have this one, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I suffer from a bad book addiction and have soooo many in the house I need to read!


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Stephanie M.
on 3/19/11 2:39 am
Thanks!  Will check it out on my Kindle!


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on 3/19/11 5:07 am - Des Moines, IA
I have a kindle and just downloaded a "sample" to check it out!

Thanks for the suggestion.  I am going to read it now.

on 3/19/11 10:56 am
I actually read it before my surgey and it really is eye-opening!  When he talks about certain sections of your brain "lighting up" at certain food cues I was floored!  Issues with calorie dense foods are very much like issues with any other addictive substance.
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