noodles, pasta 2 months after gastric band

on 6/5/11 8:50 am
 hi can one eat noodle and pasta 2 months after gastric lap band surgery?
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on 6/5/11 9:06 am - ~Somewhere in~, PA
 Yes you can, but it's not recommended since pasta may slow weight loss, also rice and pasta can plug up your stoma and cause you to get stuck, so if it were me I would avoid it for those reasons. Good luck.
on 6/5/11 9:14 am
I have and do eat it, but in the 7 months I have had surgery I have ate it twice. To be honest right now since I'm losing the carbs are just not worth it. I will add it back into my diet but not yet
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on 6/5/11 9:53 am
crystal M.
on 6/5/11 9:54 am - Joliet, IL
I don't eat it becaue the carb count is so high.  Also, pasta fills me up so fast I can't eat enough proteins and my pasta because I get too full.  I eat my protein first then when I'm done I eat my veggies....there's really not much room for pasta after that.
on 6/5/11 12:51 pm - TX
Try spaghetti squash as an alternative.  Or sometimes I grate zucchini and put meat sauce over it.  I've heard of people using shredded cabbage or french style green beans.

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wah) is a south american grain (well, really a seed) that is high protein and you can substitute it in some recipes.. I use it in place of rice sometimes.

Pasta & noodles, while not only filling you up too quickly and high carb, also tend to be high glycemic.  Short version is that they spike your blood sugar and when the sugars in your blood drop back down, you're hungrier sooner.

If you want to learn more about the GI (glycemic index) check out
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