Full liquid diet recipes

on 6/8/11 5:38 am
So I am 1 week out of surgery.  I had a different/new kind of surgery called the Bandication.  It is an imbrication with a band.  (some people know it by the plication surgery).  Well, with this particular surgery, there is a lot of swelling and so I am ordered to be on a clear liquid diet for 1 week pre-op and 2 weeks post-op.  I have 6 days left of this misery and can hardly wait to eat something other than protein shakes, gatorage, and water. 

I am hoping to be able to eat blended potato soup....any other good ideas or recipes?  Thanks!!
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on 6/8/11 5:49 am - San Diego, CA
There are tons on ideas if you click this link to Shelly aka "Eggface's" recipe blog - then enter the term "full liquids" in the upper-left-hand corner search box.  Once you're there, keep scrolling down the page for the next phase of eating too (pureeds). 

Also, if you scroll down and look on the left for "Eggface Quick Links" you will see many points of interest (infinite shake recipes, protein ice cream, protein cakes/muffins/donuts). This site was a Godsend and I still make a least a hundred of her recipes to this day!  Good luck!

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