lap band pros and cons ?

on 10/9/11 10:33 am - Hopkins , MN
i was wondering what are the pros and cons of the lap band ?
ppl tell me to go for the sleave rather then do the band but i wanna see what the pros and cons are so i can make the best choice i can .

on 10/9/11 6:17 pm - Kelseyville, CA
There are pros and cons to each. I sometimes thought if I had it to do over I would choose a sleeve, but now I am hearing cases of people being banded after being sleeved and gaining weight back etc. So, I do know this: there is no magic or perfect pill. I have lost and maintained my weight with the lap band for over 6 years but not without problems. I am almost certain there will be other issues down the road as well. Only you can decide what you can live with and what you are willing to sacrifice, it is not a decision to made hastily or without much thought and consideration. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide.
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on 10/9/11 6:34 pm - Hopkins , MN
Well i heard that the band can cause tissue to build up and cause problems my parents are worried about the fact that the sleeve cuts your stomach and uses staples . but im worried about the tissue build up from lap band
Jean M.
on 10/10/11 5:19 am
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Tissue buildup? Where?

Are you talking about scar tissue? Surgery of any kind is going to cause some scar tissue to form wherever the surgeon made a cut.

In the case of the band, you'll have scar tissue at the port incisionl and scar tissue where the band hugs the upper stomach. That scar tissue actually helps the band stay in place, but if you later need your band removed (for medical reasons), the scar tissue would be tricky to work around.

I think you need to consider other, possibly more important issues, when choosing a WLS, such as its effectiveness and its effects on your lifestyle.


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on 10/9/11 6:40 pm - Vancouver, WA
After having the band for 4 yrs. I can honestly say for me there haven't been any pros, especially weight loss. I've lost all of 20 lbs. in those 4 yrs. and that was the first 6 mos.The cons I've had are never getting a reliable restriction level, continued hunger, being either too tight or too loose and finally my band continued to tighten until I finally had it emptied completely and I have no plans to refill it since it never worked anyway. I'm just waiting and hoping that medicare oks the sleeve so I can get that. I would venture to guess that as much as 1/4 of bandsters end up revising to a sleeve. I wouldn't recommend the band to anyone since the longer I read the boards the more problems I see develop.
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on 10/9/11 6:47 pm - Hopkins , MN
before joining this site i had my mind set on lap band but the more i hear about it the more i wanna run from it the sleeve feels like its most likely the way ill go if i do decide to do the surgery but i wanna know more
on 10/9/11 8:34 pm - Athens, GA

Pros: there are a few ppl out there that have succeded with the band long term without complications.

Cons: MOST ppl out there do NOT succede with the band long term. Even fewer succede long term without complications! MANY ppl do NOT get restriction. Some ppl end up with permanent damage from the band.

I would not wish the band on my worst enemy.


on 10/9/11 8:38 pm - Hopkins , MN
hearing that makes me very happy it seems like the lap band is just like a fake ideal dream that doctors have made and failed at im gunna look into the sleeve more and im pretty sure medicare will cover seeing as my BMI is 37 and i have diabetes from being over weight but not gunna check that till i make a 100% decision
on 10/10/11 6:42 am - bronx, NY
In ever surgery there are pros and cons, look into the sleeve pros and cons as well!!! I had my band for 4 weeks now and i love my band, i love the idea of being restricted and i am loving the result:) will power plays a big role there learning to say no to junk food and sweets. I have also heard of alot of people who had the sleeve and lost all this weight and now they are starting to gain the weight back. have in mind that the stomach is a muscle yes u can cut it but if u eat too much it will start growing back to its normal size and within some time u will be back to the same weight.. i did my research even going against what my surgeon wanted. the worst thing that could happen with the band is i would have to get it remove which with sleeve and bypass u cannot do!!!! but i am being positive and keeping god on my side and everything is a-ok :)
Good luck with your WLS
karen C.
on 10/10/11 9:15 am
Pros: the band worked great for me, I had some restriction right away. There are no concerns about malabsorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as with RNY or DS. No part of the anatomy is rerouted or removed.
Cons: High rate of complications. My band got taken out this week for erosion. So now I have nothing. At least if I had gotten a sleeve, I would still have it.
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on 10/10/11 9:31 am - Califreakinfornia , CA
On October 10, 2011 at 9:15 AM Pacific Time, karen C. wrote:
Pros: the band worked great for me, I had some restriction right away. There are no concerns about malabsorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as with RNY or DS. No part of the anatomy is rerouted or removed.
Cons: High rate of complications. My band got taken out this week for erosion. So now I have nothing. At least if I had gotten a sleeve, I would still have it.
" There are no concerns about malabsorption of nutrients "

It is true that we don't have the concerns of malabsorption with the lap band or sleeve, but.....I know plenty of lap banders that became deficient in Calcium,vitamin D, and also became anemic with their lap bands.

Even though we do not malabsorb, we need to remember that with any kind of restrictive procedure, we are not able to eat enough food to get the proper amount of nutrients in.

So therefore we are at risk to become deficient in nutrients.
on 10/10/11 2:50 pm
 Check out all the answers you need are right in that book by Dr. Ariel Ortiz whom was recently name top 15 surgeon in the US by Newsweekly
on 10/11/11 3:44 am
 You really have to look at what type of eater you are.  That should consider into your decision.  I have had the Band for over 3 and a half years and have not had one problem with it.  My life has changed drastically because of my Band.  I have no regrets and would do it again if I had to. Visit all the forums here.  Read about the sleeve there and RNY and DS.  Then find out what your Medicare will cover.  The Band is usually covered for a BMI of 37 if you have co-morbidities like DM, but some of the other WLS are not, because they are considered more invasive.  I'd check first and see what they will cover for a BMI of 37 and then start your research.

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on 10/11/11 5:28 am, edited 10/11/11 5:30 am
When I first got my band I sould say when I  went and talked to my doc he told me some things right off the bat and let me tell you everything he said is true .

He said I will still have to diet and exercise to lose the weight .  True.   I have to watch what I eat, how much I eat of it , how often I eat certain foods .  i have to exercise to lose weight.   True.  If I dont exercise I dont lose and that is the case with probably 98% of bandsters out there .

The band dont take the head hunger away, the band dont take the emotional eating away, the band dont make you exercise, the band dont stop you from eating around it . the band dont chose the foods for you  True.

I can eat around my band all day long if I want to. It dont matter what kind of restriction you have , you will find ways to eat around if you want to . 

All the band does is help with proper control and help stay full a little bit longer that is it nothing more nothing less.

It's just like before you got the band , you have to diet, you have to exercise, you have to drink your water,  you have to healthier foods for you to lose weight .  The band does help but it still does come down to you .  I say the band does 20% of the work and you have do the rest.

I do like my band, I am one yr out next month no problems , but let me tell you its not easy , you have to work at it  .   You will hit stalls, you will get depressed when you dont lose, you will overate with the band, you will eat all day long with the band.  That happens to each and every one of us on here you wont be perfect at it, but it will teach you in the long run how to eat healthier and make better choices.  

That is with any WLS out there though.  IT dont matter what one you get , you can gain weight on all of them , you can overeat on all of them, and there is complications and risks on each and every one .  The decision has to come from you on what you want to with your body .  There is no magic cure out there , wish there was but there isn't. WLS is just a tool only .

Good Luck !
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Nic M
on 10/11/11 7:24 am
The biggest "con" with the band is that there is often a lot of pain involved: left shoulder referred from irritation to the diaphragm (it's becoming clear to me that it's more common than doctors are letting on.)  Other things I've experienced and have noticed others experiencing, as well:  severe constipation, abdominal pain, esophageal issues, band slippage and prolapse, reoperation, inability to eat solid foods without gagging and pain.

I personally think the band manufacturers completely over-promise and under-deliver. In my case, it harmed me physically and permanently. I can't even begin to describe the adverse way it's affected my life. It's been years since I had to have mine removed, but I still suffer the effects from it.


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on 10/11/11 12:33 pm
have to say i love my band yes there are hard times and good times but its trial and error like everythning but i have seen 8 people with pybass and 6 with band they are all different and all have problems of some sort so you cant go by what others say it will be different with everyone
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VSG on 12/01/10 with

The cons of the lap band are that it has the poorest stats on excess weight lost and high rates of post-op complications. It is a foreign object in your body that can damage the stomach and esophagus.

My band required frequent adjustments. I would experience random tightening of my band and then not be able to eat until I could get back into my doctor's office. This is particularly inconvenient if you are someone who likes to travel.

I would never know what I could eat with my band...what would go down and what would get "stuck" and come back up. I often had very little restriction because I would have my band unfilled whenever this random tightening would occur and then I'd be wide open for several weeks until the random tightening struck again. Regain is also very easy with the lap band considering that your stomach is all still in there waiting to be fed any time you do not have good restriction.

There is some erroneous information in this thread, especially in thiknena's response. While I wish her the best with her band, I did want to comment for the OP's sake:

Humans do not regenerate body parts. With the sleeve, your stomach will not "grow back." Depending on how much of the fundus is removed or retained for the size of your sleeve, there may be some stretch left to the stomach. It may be possible by overeating to the point of real discomfort and possibly vomiting frequently to eventually stretch your sleeve, but this does not appear to be common. It is more likely that other behaviors would contribute to any concerns regarding regain.

And if you are going to be concerned about regain (which is a reasonable concern with any WLS), why not pick the surgery that is going to give you the best chance of getting to goal in the first place?

Thiknena also stated that the worst thing that could happen would be that she would need her band removed. This is unfortunately also false. One of the best things that can happen when you experience complications with the band is that you can have it removed. The band can cause permanent damage to the esophagus and stomach. The worst thing would be living with these permanent changes.

According to SteelerFan's post, she has had her band for almost a year without any complications and it sounds to me like she likens her band to dieting pre-op.

If it is going to be similar to a regular diet...why not just diet?

The difference with the sleeve is that aside from a normal functioning stomach (v. a lap  band pouch), you experience consistent restriction without any adjustments necessary. I can eat in the morning and at night (band restriction can vary greatly throughout the day).

My first year with the band, I lost about 65 lbs. Then I started having complications and began gaining my weight back. In my first 10 months with the sleeve, I've lost 115 lbs.

Pick the surgery that will give you the best chance of getting to goal. Come visit us on the VSG board.


ETA: I wanted to add that I also have to watch what I eat. I follow a low carb diet in order to meet my protein requirements each day. If I ate ice cream all day, I could not expect to lose weight with the sleeve either. Thankfully the reduction of hunger makes this very easy for me.


on 10/11/11 6:40 pm - Hopkins , MN
thanks guys i have to do alot of thinking about getting this surgery im hoping to get it in the winter so i have a lot to concider
on 8/30/14 5:24 pm

I am interested in getting the lap band procedure done. I heard that other techniques of WLS are recommended more because of how with Lap Band some people are apt to regain the weight in close to five years or so. I am taking my time in making my decision and am also going to go to a class for two hours on what I have to do to get the surgery. I have come a long way from a few weeks ago when I thought surgery wasn't an option for me...Now I am a little more excited about it, and reading all of everyone's posts has given me the support and motivation to want to get this thing started and going the right direction. Take care everyone, and have a great day.

on 9/6/14 7:23 am

I have had the lap band just over a year now, my starting weight was 349, I am currently 242, has the lap band been tough have I thrown up from over eating......YES, but the results have been AWESOME, people think if you get a weight loss surgery it is the end all to the being overweight, we have to do the work to make the weight come off.... eating correctly, giving up certain foods, mine were bread and tortillas, those people that say they have only lost 20 or 30 lbs are not getting off the couch and doing the work just do your research go to a few drs and pick the one that you think is the easiest for you to adapt to and the weight will fall off