lap band pros and cons ?

on 10/9/11 3:33 am - Hopkins , MN
i was wondering what are the pros and cons of the lap band ?
ppl tell me to go for the sleave rather then do the band but i wanna see what the pros and cons are so i can make the best choice i can .

on 10/9/11 11:17 am - Kelseyville, CA
There are pros and cons to each. I sometimes thought if I had it to do over I would choose a sleeve, but now I am hearing cases of people being banded after being sleeved and gaining weight back etc. So, I do know this: there is no magic or perfect pill. I have lost and maintained my weight with the lap band for over 6 years but not without problems. I am almost certain there will be other issues down the road as well. Only you can decide what you can live with and what you are willing to sacrifice, it is not a decision to made hastily or without much thought and consideration. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide.
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on 10/9/11 11:34 am - Hopkins , MN
Well i heard that the band can cause tissue to build up and cause problems my parents are worried about the fact that the sleeve cuts your stomach and uses staples . but im worried about the tissue build up from lap band
Jean M.
on 10/9/11 10:19 pm
Revision on 08/16/12
Tissue buildup? Where?

Are you talking about scar tissue? Surgery of any kind is going to cause some scar tissue to form wherever the surgeon made a cut.

In the case of the band, you'll have scar tissue at the port incisionl and scar tissue where the band hugs the upper stomach. That scar tissue actually helps the band stay in place, but if you later need your band removed (for medical reasons), the scar tissue would be tricky to work around.

I think you need to consider other, possibly more important issues, when choosing a WLS, such as its effectiveness and its effects on your lifestyle.


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on 10/9/11 11:40 am - Vancouver, WA
After having the band for 4 yrs. I can honestly say for me there haven't been any pros, especially weight loss. I've lost all of 20 lbs. in those 4 yrs. and that was the first 6 mos.The cons I've had are never getting a reliable restriction level, continued hunger, being either too tight or too loose and finally my band continued to tighten until I finally had it emptied completely and I have no plans to refill it since it never worked anyway. I'm just waiting and hoping that medicare oks the sleeve so I can get that. I would venture to guess that as much as 1/4 of bandsters end up revising to a sleeve. I wouldn't recommend the band to anyone since the longer I read the boards the more problems I see develop.
on 10/9/11 11:47 am - Hopkins , MN
before joining this site i had my mind set on lap band but the more i hear about it the more i wanna run from it the sleeve feels like its most likely the way ill go if i do decide to do the surgery but i wanna know more
on 10/9/11 1:34 pm - Athens, GA

Pros: there are a few ppl out there that have succeded with the band long term without complications.

Cons: MOST ppl out there do NOT succede with the band long term. Even fewer succede long term without complications! MANY ppl do NOT get restriction. Some ppl end up with permanent damage from the band.

I would not wish the band on my worst enemy.


on 10/9/11 1:38 pm - Hopkins , MN
hearing that makes me very happy it seems like the lap band is just like a fake ideal dream that doctors have made and failed at im gunna look into the sleeve more and im pretty sure medicare will cover seeing as my BMI is 37 and i have diabetes from being over weight but not gunna check that till i make a 100% decision
on 10/9/11 11:42 pm - bronx, NY
In ever surgery there are pros and cons, look into the sleeve pros and cons as well!!! I had my band for 4 weeks now and i love my band, i love the idea of being restricted and i am loving the result:) will power plays a big role there learning to say no to junk food and sweets. I have also heard of alot of people who had the sleeve and lost all this weight and now they are starting to gain the weight back. have in mind that the stomach is a muscle yes u can cut it but if u eat too much it will start growing back to its normal size and within some time u will be back to the same weight.. i did my research even going against what my surgeon wanted. the worst thing that could happen with the band is i would have to get it remove which with sleeve and bypass u cannot do!!!! but i am being positive and keeping god on my side and everything is a-ok :)
Good luck with your WLS
karen C.
on 10/10/11 2:15 am
Pros: the band worked great for me, I had some restriction right away. There are no concerns about malabsorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as with RNY or DS. No part of the anatomy is rerouted or removed.
Cons: High rate of complications. My band got taken out this week for erosion. So now I have nothing. At least if I had gotten a sleeve, I would still have it.
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