Scar Tissue

on 12/19/11 10:52 am
 Has anyone had experience with scar tissue building up around/ in front of the band?? It appears that my body forms A LOT of scar tissue. When I was in to see my Dr in Sept for a small fill, she (the PA) had a very hard time accessing my port, she was able to pop some scar tissue and after removing some fluid it left she was able to get into my port for the fill, I went back last week for a check up and she was going to do a small UN-fill, but was unable to access my port, she popped some scar tissue again but was still unable to get in, I have an appointment to see the one who did my surgery next week to see what he can do, but worry that this scar tissue  is going to cause some issues, I was originally banded in March of 10, my port was flipped and replaced in Feb of 11, so this scar tissue has formed since Feb.
on 12/20/11 12:14 am - West Monroe, LA
No, I am fortunate.  I have never had any trouble accessing my port.  I am sorry that it is so difficult for you.  Is it painful? Why does your body create scar tissue so badly, do you have any idea?  I hope things get better for you.  You might try some really good moisture cream over your port area.  I dont know that it will help, but it couldnt hurt right?


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Nic M
on 12/20/11 12:16 am, edited 12/20/11 12:16 am
Hi Kidplay,

Sorry to hear this!  You could have surgery to remove the adhesions, but it's a Catch 22 because the surgery will cause more adhesions to form.

During my last colonoscopy and endoscopy, my gastroenterologist was amazed by the amount of scar tissue in my abdomen. He said that I was "glued together" on the left side. (For lack of a better description!) He had trouble navigating the scope through the area and I kept waking up during the procedure because it HURT!

I think you might have some real ongoing problems if your body forms scar tissue so quickly, honestly. Sooner or later, it will most likely prevent access to the port all together. That's a shame that you have so much scar tissue formed just from  February. You must have good healing powers, anyway! 

I wish you the best of luck with whatever road you have to take.  I wish I had better answers for you.


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