Naked Juice or Juicing vs Fruit & Veggies

Nikki C.
on 2/2/12 10:41 pm - Gaithersburg, MD

I hate admitting this but I have never been a big fan of fruits and vegetables ever since I was a child.  I will eat them but I certainly do not get enough of them on a daily basis.  1) because I don't particularly like them and 2) after being banded I find it so difficult to get ALL those servings in plus protein and then fluids.  I would have something in my mouth all day long!

The fruits that I once liked are almost impossible for me to eat.  I used to be a grape eater and I just can't tolerate them now because of the skin, same with apples.  From time to time I will eat peeled apples but not everday.  Onto my veggies, I tend to choose the "sweet" veggies like carrots, corn (which I know is starch) and peas - which are the "veggies" that we are told to avoid moreso than broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, green beans, tomatoes etc.

Does anyone else simply not really care for that many fruits and vegetables and if so what is your substitute?

I was wondering if juicing or drinking the Naked Juices would be an option to get more nutrients from the fruit and veggies,  I realize as a liquid it's going to go right through vs. eating them but my question is moreso about nutrition rather than fullness.

Does anyone else juice or drink the Naked Juices?

I really need to be better about getting the vitamins and nutrients I should be getting from fruits and vegetables but I already know I will never get them by eating them so I'm looking for an alternative. This my be a question for a nutritionist but I thought I'd reach out here first to get thoughts and feedback!




Jean M.
on 2/2/12 11:13 pm
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I guess that juiced fruits and veggies are better than none, but they don't have the satiety value of solid foods, so I rarely drink juice.

My husband bought a juicer when I was first banded, thinking it would make my liquid diet better. I used it once and it was such a pain in the butt to put together, take apart, wash, dry, and put back together again that I never used it after that. My husband used it once and had the same experience.

I'm not familiar with Naked Juice, but if I were considering drinking it, I'd first look at the label to check out the contents (any preservatives or sweeteners in it?) and nutritional stats (especially sodium and sugar content).


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Nikki C.
on 2/2/12 11:33 pm - Gaithersburg, MD
I certainly would not juice myself!  I can see how that would be a real pain.  I have some colleagues who swear by this stuff.  And Dr. Oz has some equivalent recipe to one of their juices.  They claim to be no sugar added and the label has some preservatives but mostly fruit and/or vegetable purees. 

I never really know how to take the labels when  I see sugar and carbs and it pertains to fruits and veggies.  I still freak out when I see high number of either. 

I gave one example below of a flavor I saw the cafe at work this morning.  The front of the label - 2 servings of veggies per bottle caught my eye.

10 protein and 10 fiber per bottle seemed decent to me.  This flavor was the lowest in sugar that I found particularly of the fruit & veggie blend.

It might be worth bringing to the attention or question of a nut but certainly I would agree it's better than none at all. 

Again just looking for some options.  Perhaps not everyday but on a here and there basis.  This stuff is pretty pricey.  At least in my office cafe $3.99 a bottle.  I'm going to check it out at the grocery store.  It's always in the produce/refrigerated section.



on 2/3/12 2:42 am
What I do is I have a protein shake in the mornings I use frozen fruits and veggies, typically use bananas and strawberries or blueberries and frozen spinach or soy beans this way I get the whole fruit and veggie. I will add orange juice or nonfat milk to make it liquid. Good luck
on 2/3/12 4:05 am
 I personally like Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness.  Again eating the whole fruit or veggie is better, but there are just days when I can't get enough veggies in.  This juice is my go-to on liquid days and days where all I can manage is the solid protein.  



on 2/3/12 5:53 am - AZ
18 grams of sugar would be the worst day of the month for me in the weight losing stage.

I've been instructed to get into ketosis and stay there. I rarely eat any fruit.

Just low carb veggies, and supplements along with my solid proteins.

Not having fruit for a while won't harm you nutritionally, but can hinder weight loss efforts.
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on 2/3/12 6:12 am
I would try really hard to find some fruit and veggies you are at least ok with- particularly veggies. Thanks for the pic. of the juice. My thoughts are it's very high in calories and carbs. Also, be aware one bottle is 2 servings. That's 260 cals and 74 carbs, and it's something that will slide right down and not help you feel full. Do you like berrries, they are relatively low in carbs compared to other fruits. I buy frozen veggies, it's just me and I can't eat the fresh before it goes bad. I like green giant veggies- they are flavored, wich might help you. I eat half the box, and it's about 50 cals. Very few carbs. I particularly like the buttured brussle sprouts. They also have cheese broccoli wich is good. Bottom line, I would stay away from juices.
debbie H.
on 2/3/12 11:05 am - AR
I agree with you about the green giant veggies, especially the buttered brussel sprouts.  I bought some others and they were so awful I had to throw them out.  Go green giant!
Phyllis C.
on 2/3/12 9:08 am
Drinking calories is never a good idea, but if you are not eating whole fruits and veggies anyway it is one way to get in some vitamins.

Liquid calories will not satisfy your hunger for very long if any.  I recommend drinking V8 with benefifer added.  Instead of fruit juices, you could blend up berries and other fruits with ice to make smoothies, no sugar added.  At least you will be getting the whole fruit.

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