Coughing and Band

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on 3/5/12 4:02 am
I haven't brought this up with my surgeon's office yet, because I just made the connection that it might be band related from reading another post. I'll be contacting them, but just wanted to see if anyone else is or has had this issue.

To make a long story short I've been having a lot of issues with being way too tight, then too loose since this fall. Even a .1cc fill/unfill makes a huge difference. I'm now on the loose side and plan to keep it that way instead of chancing being too tight.

However, I now notice that I've been having a lot of coughing issues while eating. This is a new thing -- and I just realized it could be band releated. Here are the specifics:

It happens only when I am eating
I have no pain when eating or afterwards
No acid reflux or burning of any kind
It is not a dry cough -- it feels like a very productive cough like when you have a cold
I have always had sinus issues but they have been great since last summer

Has anyone else experienced this?


on 3/5/12 4:47 am - Canton, MI
In my personal experience, coughing means reflux.  Even if you don't feel too tight, it is possible that you are having GERD.  Of course talk with your surgeon ASAP, but see if some OTC Prilosec (or generic equivalent) helps things in the meantime. 


on 3/5/12 6:16 am - Oceanside, NY
 only coughing ihad was night coughing and had an unfill and was better
on 3/5/12 10:58 pm
I have a cough sometimes after theory is that the pouch or lower stomach (because I am loose) gets full and pushes on the diaphram.....I only notice it when sitting and since I am looser.

Doesn't last long though that is why I think it is a fullness thing........I'm not going to mention it because I want a slight fill on Tuesday and when was tighter didn't have it LOL...

on 3/8/12 2:58 am, edited 3/8/12 3:01 am - Yukon, OK
Yep. I am beginning to experience this as well. I do not necessarily agree that it is acid reflux. I have had the band with its current 8cc fill for over 6 months and have only begun to experience this. Food choices have not changed. It is an almost immediate effect after a first bite, and feels as if fluid is built up and exacerbates the need to cough after each bite. Strange situation and a little embarassing. I think I might ask surgeon to relieve a little cc and see if it reduces the onset of this.
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