Esophageal spasms

Judy A.
on 3/20/12 1:25 pm - NJ
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OMG - I think I FINALLY found the cure!!! I have been throwing up daily for a couple of years. Been to gastro, been to surgeon, filled, unfilled, you name it. Finally! Today, gastro really listened and put me on levsin to stop the esophageal spasms. The spasms may not be caused by reflux but just by Primary Esophageal Spasms. Took one tonight and am able to eat!!!!! Have been eating crappy wrong things for 2-3 years - whatever will go down (chips, ice cream, etc). This is such a great feeling to NOT feel spasms laying in wait for me to swallow even water!!! Please pray that this works and that I can now get another adjustment and start losing again!!!





on 3/20/12 1:32 pm
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 Good Luck..  I hope it works! 
Judy A.
on 3/20/12 1:33 pm - NJ
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Thanks Stephanie!!!





on 3/20/12 1:53 pm
VSG on 03/25/16
Congrats I sure hope it keeps working , saying a prayer for you

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Judy A.
on 3/20/12 1:54 pm - NJ
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Thanks Cheyenne!! It's been a long haul and I hope that FINALLY I have found the right road!





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on 9/11/12 12:37 pm - CA
Do you still get esophageal spasms?
on 3/21/12 5:44 am
You poor girl, a couple of years must have been heck. I'm really glad that you've found something that is working. Good luck and woo hoo!!
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on 3/21/12 7:22 am - Orange Park, FL
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I am so happy for you that you figured something out. You must have been miserable.

Stephanie M.
on 9/12/12 8:27 am

my husband started having ES at age 30 (65 now) and they are miserable...he thought he was having a heart attack!  


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