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on 3/31/12 4:49 pm - University Place, WA
REALIZE Band on 03/27/12 with
 So, I had my surgery on Tuesday and am still full of gas. It  sounds like a beast is trying to escape my body lol. I've been doing my walking to try and work it all out, but I don't feel any reliefe yet. I've also tried baby gas drops to no avail. How long is this supposed to last?
on 3/31/12 5:45 pm - Athens, GA

Gas-X strips are usually recommended. Can someone pick some up for you?


on 4/3/12 7:05 am - University Place, WA
REALIZE Band on 03/27/12 with
 thank you so much for the suggestion. It made a huuuuuuuge differance!!