Lapband reversal??

on 4/19/12 6:12 am - Racine, WI
I am exploring options for different kinds of WLS. I am wondering has anyone voluntarily reversed the lapband surgery or do you know anyone? What happened? Does insurance pay voluntary reversal? Thank you!
Nic M
on 4/19/12 6:38 am
I had the band removed, but it didn't reverse the damage done. The majority of people I know with bands have had to revise to another surgery or have the band removed. Insurance did pay for my surgery. It was deemed, "Medically necessary."  A lot of insurance companies balk about paying for removal unless there is a medical reason for it. Also, a lot of insurance companies are implementing a "One WLS per lifetime" clause, regardless if they paid for your first surgery or not.,messageboard/bo ard_id,5360/

If you're having health issues from the band, document them and make sure your doctor-surgeon-health practitioner knows about every single one.


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on 4/19/12 2:09 pm - Racine, WI
Thank you
on 4/19/12 9:51 am - CA
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I'm in my 2nd round of complications and expecting a recommendation to revise to sleeve. My surgeons told me that they didn't expect any problem from insurance because my BMI is still above 40. If you're below that, insurance may cover band removal but might not approve a revision.
on 4/19/12 2:06 pm - Racine, WI
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on 4/19/12 10:38 am
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a lot of insurance companies have a 1 surgery per lifetime so be careful when picking a surgery. 

I chose the band first.  I had complications 6 months down the road.  I was dedicated to the band but the tighter it got the worse my problems got.  1 1/2 years down the road the harder  things were.  I was lucky. my insurance allowed me to revise. 

You have to choose what surgery is best for you.  I exercised faithfully and ate exactly like i was supposed to.  I still had complications.  Its just not the right surgery for me.

Make sure you understand the complications of all surgeries when chosing.  Also choose the best surgery based on what you need.

I chose the lap band first because I thought i needed to control the volume of food i ate.  I did have pre diabetes and felt like the band would help me lose the weight and i would be okay.  I could not revise to the sleeve because my heart burn was already so severe.  I revised to RNY even though i was very against it at first.



on 4/19/12 2:05 pm - Racine, WI

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on 4/19/12 11:28 am - Athens, GA

A lot of ppl have their bands removed "voluntarily". Many get so sick from the band they don't want to live with the CRAP-BAND in them anynore.


on 4/19/12 2:05 pm - Racine, WI
Thank you
on 4/19/12 2:12 pm - Rio Rancho, NM
VSG on 04/03/12
 I just had my band removed and my insurance allowed me to revise to the sleeve.  I have only had it for 2 weeks, but  I love the pressure being off of my esophagus. 

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