Help - LapBand Slip and Chest Pain

on 4/21/12 11:50 am
RNY on 10/29/12
Hi everyone - I was just diagnosed Thursday with a Lap Band slip.  My doctor removed all 7 cc's from my band and said the slip should fix itself.  I was told to remain on liquids for 24 hours - which I did.  I even ate soft foods on Friday.  Then today I had chicken and rice for lunch and dinner and now my chest hurts.  It feels like my stomach but this pain is different from feeling stuck or eatng too much.  I don't know how to describe it - and I am wondering if anyone else ha this kind of pain from a lap band slip.  I just took some TYlenol and feel a bit better.  I am scared that something is wrong that this will not correct itself. 

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on 4/21/12 12:56 pm - Rio Rancho, NM
VSG on 04/03/12
 Hi there.  I had a slip about two and a half years ago.  I had to have surgery to fix mine. While waiting for surgery, he took most of my saline out, and I felt fine after that.  So, I am wondering if your esophogas and stoma are irritated still.  Maybe staying on liquids a bit longer could help. Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious.

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on 4/21/12 1:45 pm
I had a band slip (and eventual replacement) about two and a half years ago too. I had reflux hours and hours after eating and towards the end even liquid wouldn't stay down. I would tread lightly with the solid food. Maybe stick to soft foods for a few more days? More importantly, call your doctor. It's probably related to the slip, but you shouldn't have to be in pain.

Hope you're feeling better!
on 4/21/12 2:15 pm - Vancouver, WA
My band is also empty by my choice (long story) but rice is still a very iffy food for me, at best a bite or two then I start to get stuck. Chicken can also be hard to eat especially breast meat. I'd say you need to stick to mushier food for awhile. Also don't be surprised if you slip again down the road because it seems like once you slip you are more prone to further slipping, but hopefullky this will do the trick.
on 4/22/12 3:57 am
RNY on 10/29/12
Thanks for the reply.  I never had a problem with chicken (unless it was frozen and then microwaved) and I have always been able to do a few bites of rice so I wasn't concerned with this mix of food but I should have been considering the slip.  I guess I need some new rules - thanks for the advice and warnaing about possible slips. 
on 4/21/12 5:10 pm
RNY on 02/24/12
My band slipped the second yr and repositioned but then it did it numerous times so I never knew when I could or couldn't eat.  Finally, it started feelings like heart issues and left shoulder pain.  Some never experience this but do keep track of how often and keep calling your Dr.  I pray yours will be a simple fix. 

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on 4/22/12 4:00 am
RNY on 10/29/12
Yes, it has been like my heart but knowing I have the slip I know it is my stomach and not my heart.  ANd for a minute my shoulder hurt and I was thinking it was gas.  I have been fine all morning but I was yesterday too.  I just hope I don't keep having this pain.  I want a simple fix to my slip and a third surgery.  (1 surgery to put band in, 2nd surgery to replace port because tubing fell off port).
on 5/4/12 10:44 pm
Hi, my first surgery was in 2005, the second in 2007 due to hiatus hernia and I have had problems ever since.  I also have band slippage and most of the saline has been taken out due to pains in my chest, excessive burping and shoulder pain.  I am also having chest pains and recently they are becoming constant.  It, to me, also feels like it is heart pains but I have had all the appropriate heart tests and this has been ruled out.  I am now planning to see my GP and then my surgeon again to see what can be done as this is no way to live.  I have regained my weight, have pain and feel uncomfortable most of the we can add scared.  Lap band surgery is not for everyone - I must be one of them.  Good luck to you all...follow your instincts and if something does not feel right, then make sure you get it corrected.  I hope to.
on 5/13/16 7:07 am


I know it has been a long time since you posted this reply, but I hope you see this. I am currently having the EXACT issues you listed. I am curious what you had done?

My lapband has been in for 13 years this week and I am miserable.

on 1/13/17 5:34 pm

Brighteyes62 I started having chest pains yesterday at work and trouble breathing. Ems was called and today I followed up with my doctor who is referring me to a cardiologist Monday although the ecg the ems and she did were ok. I have concern that this could be from my lap I received 11 years ago. It has caused nothing but pain for me but yesterday was different it wasn't the normal stuck feeling or shoulder pain. Have you been able to get an answer for your issues?

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