on 8/19/12 2:56 am - talladega, AL
in this site / forum. It has such a great potential to help poeople.
 I stayed away for a period of time because of the negativity and anger that the posters showed toward each other. 
On return the first post I see is about  someone incorrectly posting someone else's information. To use her words - a mole.
This is what goes on here ?
Bette B.
on 8/19/12 8:11 am
Aw, that's nothing. And I have considered leaving for good more than once but always end up feeling like forum members, especially new ones, really do need some voices of reason against the - for want of a better word - wolves.

But PLEASE STAY. We need more positive influences. I don't even necessarily mean more people with positive band experiences. I mean people who won't scream "revision!!!!" every time a person has a minor bump in the road or spend all day telling people that all bands will fail, that all bands have a "expiration date" of 5-10 years, etc.


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

on 8/19/12 8:52 am - Athens, GA

The forum is what you make of it. Some get along, some do not. Just ignore the childish behaviors on the forum and get support from those that are more mature. :-)




Nic M
on 8/19/12 9:57 am
And yet, there are a bunch of OTHER threads that have nothing to do with anything "negative." Make the board how you want it. Simple solution to a simple problem.

It's funny how people "return" to the board just in time to see the "negative" threads. Funny how that works all the time. However, if these people were to stay and post the way they want to post, the board would be pretty close to how they want it. 


 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


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