Lapband didn't work for me

Norma 1010
on 8/23/12 7:24 pm - Pflugerville, TX
Well I'm almost 2 yrs out and  not doing well with the lapband.  Difficulty getting restriction. I'm either too tight and unable to eat the right things or not tight enough and can eat everything  under the sun. Have had to have couple port revisions. Now having reflux.  As of today, I've only lost 40 lbs. I'm not putting the lapband down, it just wasn't for me. I now wish that I had gone with bypass the first time around.   Anyway my surgeon is starting the paper to get it sent to my insurance for revision to bypass. I'm praying it gets approved. My surgeon said he's had pt's in the past that the lapband just didn't work for them and were approved for revision.  Anyone out there with same issues?


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on 8/23/12 8:26 pm - TN
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Yes, I had very similar issues. I was either too tight or wide open. I had numerous fills and unfills trying to find the "green zone" but it never happened. Any time I had any kind of restriction, it would quickly lead to not being able to eat (sometimes even drink) anything in general.

Anyway, I had the band for just under 3 years and then revised the sleeve. At the time of my revision, I had regained nearly any weight I had lost with my band. With the sleeve I lost 100% of my excess weight within 1 year and eating is so much more normal now.

I don't have any experience with RNY, but for me, my revision was the best thing I've ever done for myself.



Norma 1010
on 8/23/12 2:32 pm - Pflugerville, TX
Thats great. Congrats on your weight loss.   I actually considered the sleeve, but my surgeon advised against it and has recommended RNY.  Said greater success rate with RNY and that sleeve doesn't cure reflux.  I just hope my approval process is fast. I'm so nervouse about regaining  more weight, but I am going to try to eat healthy and exercise in the meantime.  How long did it take for insurance to approve you revision?  My  surgeon initially advised me to do the RNY, now I wish I had done that initially.



HW:   317 lbs
GW:   180 lbs
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on 8/24/12 7:33 am - West Monroe, LA
Sorry about your issues Norma, I certainly hope the bypass is what works for you.  Good luck to you and keep us informed.


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on 8/24/12 12:07 pm - TN
VSG on 12/01/10 with
Well, I remember starting the revision process in August and then had a December surgery date. I think my insurance process took like 4-5 weeks, but that was mainly due to some issues with my surgeon's office and not my insurance company. So, hopefully yours will be much quicker!



Stephanie M.
on 8/27/12 7:53 am
 Did you see that someone responded to one of your preop posts?


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deborah N.
on 8/24/12 9:01 am - Bellmore, NY
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 Hi I tried sending you a few messages .. I had lap band over 2 yrs ago .. A yr ago I had it taken out and went for gastric bypass 
I too wished I just had that done .. I was to scared at the time 
But I'm very glad I had now.. I'm not at goal but getting there .. I'm doing what I'm supposed to and feeling way better over all.. Not all surgeries are for everyone .. I wish you all the best 
Just stay positive and try not to be so hard, eat protein and drink
Water!! And try to move even if it's walking ! Staying positive helps!! Any questions feel free to ask me :-) good luck! 


on 8/24/12 3:20 pm - Citrus Heights, CA
RNY on 04/04/12
I had the band in 05 and it took 9 months to get restriction , bad after care , problems started. My doc also recommended RNY over sleeve , I wish the sleeve had been around when I had my band !! , I know after the band that I would eat around a restrictive only procedure. I think my doc said RNY because of esophagus issues.
It took me 4 months to get the surgery , I had to jump through all the hoops again , even though I still had the same insurance, they said because the removal wasn't an emergency and it had been 7 years with the band.
I feel so much better with RNY and believe me I was always against it , when I eat I feel full and stop, with the band I felt pain waited for pain to go away and finished eating , every bite was painful. One thing I was disappointed about with the band was that the full feeling was so weird , and unnatural.
Now I feel totally normal when I eat...wonderful
My doc is taking out more bands than he is puting in
Best wishes

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on 8/24/12 6:12 pm - Vancouver, WA
You are soooo not alone with this issue, many of us have the same problem. Myself I finally just had my band emptied because it kept getting tighter. My insurance now has an exclusion for bariatric surgery so I'm crossing my fingers that being empty will ward off any further problems till I can get on Medicare and hopefully get a sleeve. Sorry you have had these issues but at least you are getting it fixed. I wish you all the best!
on 8/25/12 10:26 am
I had exactly the same issue, too tight or could eat anything. I am not a band basher, glad it works for many but I wouldn't do it again if I could do it over. I did loose all my excess weight and kept it off about a year. Over the last year I have struggled with regain. Gaining has stopped but I haven't been consistent enough with my eating and excersise to have lost. Had a good week, hopefully I am back on track for the long haul.
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