I am claiming victory!

on 11/12/12 9:09 am - Orange Park, FL
Lap Band on 01/30/12
Hopped on the scale for my official Monday weigh in and I have been under 200 for 4 days now so I am claiming victory in making it to Onederland!

on 11/12/12 9:21 am - Hartford, CT

congrats! :)

on 11/12/12 9:37 am - Hollywood, FL
Yeah!!!!!!! Tis a wonderful feeling and a glorious moment!
Enjoy enjoy!!! And celebrate! You have obviously worked hard for this moment!

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Stephanie M.
on 11/12/12 11:38 am

great job!!!


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on 11/12/12 7:21 pm
That's great! I cant wait to join you I have been stuck on 201!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!
Jean M.
on 11/12/12 8:11 pm
Revision on 08/16/12

Congratulations! Onederland is a wonederful place to live!

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