band removal-weight gain

on 3/29/17 7:41 pm

Hi all. Haven't been on here for quite awhile and had a few questions. I had to have my band removed in August. It had flipped and grown into my liver. I was having a lot of "stuck" episodes and throwing up several times a day. Since it's removal, I've been fine, but gaining way to much weight back (nearly 50 lbs). Revision is not an option for me. Any suggestions? I'm hungry all the time.

on 4/5/17 6:37 pm, edited 4/5/17 11:38 am

Hi LadyDi, Its so hard. I HAD my band removed 3 weeks ago. I wasnt hungry right after but I notice the hunger returning. Im so afraid of gaining more weight. Im waiting to have sleeve done in 3-4 months. In the mean while, we have to take control. We no longer have that tool to stop us. I started walking on the treadmill and im doing little to no carbs, high protein. Ive had my cheats. But I KNOW that I have to be conscious of everything i put in my mouth. Its hard. Take one step at a time. Meals, exercise, water, etc. Join a program, support group, club... something to keep you accountable. Good luck

on 2/11/18 10:57 am

I had a band removed oct 2017 and they said I can't have sleeve because not heavy enough and insurance won't cover it so mean while I gained 30 lbs and so scared it's all comming back I watch what I eat but still weight keeps comming on May I ask how u went to removal and then they will do Surgey again?

on 4/11/17 1:33 pm
Revision on 10/04/16

I'm sorry revision is not an option for you. have you tried following a bariatric diet of 6 small meals a day? or maybe dr. Matthew Weiner's pound of cure program? there is a book and a whole host of youtube videos.

I know where you are at. i instantly gained 30 lbs when my band broke. I was able to halt it there after about 3 months as I waited for my revision date.

Band-RNY revision age 50 5'4" HW 260 SW: 244 (bf healthy range 23-35%) bf 23.7% (at 137lbs) cw range 135-138.lbl with butt lift and mastoplexy March 23, 2018...2.5lbs removed.

Pre-op-16lbs (size 18/20...244) M1-16lbs (size 18...228) M2-15.6lbs (size 16/18...212.4) M3-10lbs (size 16..202.4) M4-11.4lbs (size 14...191) M5-10.8lbs (size 12...180.2) M6-8.4 (size 8/10...171.8) M7-6.4 (size 8...165.4 lbs) M8-11.6 (size 6...153.8) M9-5.6 (size 4/6...148.2) M10-5.8 (size 4....142.4) M11-4 (size 2/4...138.4) Surgiversary -1 (size 2/4...137.4) M13-2.6 (size 2/4...134.8) M14 (size 2/4...134.8) M15 (size 2...135) M16 (size 2...131.4) M17 (size 2...135) M18 (size 2...135) M19 (size 2...138) M20 (size 2...135)

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