Looking for Lap-Band support group in Saskatoon,Sk

on 3/30/17 4:06 am
Lap Band on 04/17/17

Hi! I'm Colleen. I am having Lap-Band surgery in Regina on April 17/17. Looking for a group or person for support.

on 4/2/17 7:37 am

Too bad that the two cities are too far apart for your surgery practice's group to be feasible. Have you called the Saskatoon hospital(s) that do bariatric surgery? If they offer support groups, it would be unusual if you wouldn't be welcomed to participate. A band-only group would be unusual, though.

I won't even mention OH, as you've already found your way.

on 4/2/17 11:32 am
Lap Band on 04/17/17

My Dr in Saskatoon referred me to Regina for the lap-band surgery. Still looking for a support group in Saskatoon because I live half hour out of city. Thanks

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