Lap band removal

on 9/30/17 11:01 am

Hi All, please help! I was banded 6 years ago and have been having port pain for a while. I met my bariatric surgeon and he dismissed it. I was asking for removal. Now I am in severe pain and have been to ER and they said it's lapband erosion and will need to be removed asap. I understand how they remove the band but around my belly button to get to the port I have a huge absess and I am terrified and can't find any posts about anyone who has this. Has anyone heard of this? My belly button is red and sore and I am on so many antibiotics...

on 10/6/17 7:26 am

You have got to find a surgeon who is experienced in revisions and get that thing removed ASAP! I didn't have your experience, but I did have chronic GERD. As soon as I told my doctor what I was experiencing, he said I had to have my lap band removed. He told me he couldn't tell me until he got in there if he could revise me to RNY, but fortunately he was able to. Please do some research and find a doctor who is experienced in revisions. For your surgeon to dismiss your symptoms is almost criminal. I think a lot of these docs who got rich on lap bands don't want to admit how unsafe they are. I hope you find someone soon. Please let me know what you find out.

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on 10/6/17 7:34 am

Thanks I am having it removed in two weeks

I have been in pain for 5 weeks already & on antibiotics daily and laying flat

belly button area is red with a huge lump above it

I'm not considering converting to any other surgery at present perhaps in the future. Yes it was a "get rich quick" scheme

on 10/9/17 3:17 am - MA

I hope you feel much better, soon. I am sorry you have had to go through that pain. I'm curious why you don't want a revision at this time?

I revised to RNY after my band failed. I had a BMI of 34 at the time of revision, and Lord knows I was scared of another surgery that might hurt me or make things worse... But I am 27 months post-op from my revision and I have had ZERO issues with my new surgery. I got all thaw down to my low goal within 9 months and I have no pain, my GERD is almost gone, and I can finally eat the healthy foods (in the right amounts) that allow me to be truly healthy.

I'm sure you might have other good reasons for avoiding another surgery, but I just wanted to tell you that of you are avoiding it out of fear of the same pain and misery--you have nothing to worry about.

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on 10/9/17 4:54 am

Hi, that's amazing news!

yes right now I just want this pain gone and am terrified thinking of how my insides may be affected by all of this. My surgeon who specialises in revisions won't do another surgery at the same time. He wants to wait for a minimum of three months before. I am not very large. I also want a acid reflux free life and would like to still be able to eat though smaller portions and losing weight too.

on 10/10/17 4:51 pm - MA

Most good surgeons won't do a VSG at the same time as the band removal because the pouch that gets made for the VSG uses the same part of the pouch that had the band stitched and it needs to heal. But there really shouldn't be any reason why they can't do the RNY at the same time. It doesn't use the same part of the damaged pouch and and it's more traumatic for your body to go through two major surgeries in a few months. I'd get clarification!

  • 4'11"
  • High Weight before LapBand: 200
  • High Weight before RNY: 160
  • CW: 117
  • below goal in 9 months

on 10/11/17 4:12 am

I have an appointment on Friday so I'll ask then

thank you!! Really do appreciate the responses

on 10/12/17 9:15 am
Revision on 10/04/16

She has erosion...they can not do a revision to an eroded stomach. it must be left to heal. they can do it after the fact.

My revision surgeon told me erosion was the only complication that would prevent my same day revision from my lap band.

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on 10/12/17 12:52 am

Hiya, I spoke to the nurse & she said I am not big enough to be considered for RNY

My BMI is 31

I'll speak to the consultant tomorrow but is there anything you'd recommend for my BMI?

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