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on 1/11/18 1:15 am
Topic: RE: Weird tiny purple balls in my vomit!!

So I don't know if you ever figured it out, but I had this same thing just happen to me. I haven't had any surgery yet but I am on day 2 of taking Victoza, 1.8 once a day, metformin 4x500mg, omeprazole 20mg, lisinopril, glimepiride and pipglitazone. I took all that maybe 8 hours ago, now. Threw up because I ate too much and the Victoza makes me nauseous if I eat too much, and lo and behold there are little purple balls! I extricated them and took pics- they exploded with purple liquid after being smushed- they honestly looked like tiny little raisins or something. The only thing I had with dye similar in color was trolli's berry flavored gummy worms (yesterday). I took pics, if that helps?? Did anyone ever find an answer?? Can't figure out how to upload pics on mobile.

on 1/7/18 12:30 pm - North Pole, AK
Topic: RE: Lap band removal

I just had my band removed and my surgeon won't do any revision for at least 6 months after band removal, he says it is to let the area where the band was placed to heal and get strong again. Right now I'm not sure if I am going to revise to another surgery or not. I am wanting to, but there are a few other factors (personal home issues ) I have to figure out first.

on 1/7/18 12:23 pm - North Pole, AK
Topic: Update and Gastric Band Removal

It has been a long time since I posted. I haven't lost anything lately with the band, in August I started have extreme intermittent pain in my left side/shoulder, after about 2 weeks it became a constant, finally in Oct I had an UGI done, my band had slipped slightly, so had a complete unfill, pain relieved, had already been talking about band removal and a revision, they removed my band on Dec 30, while the removal was easy, there were complications at the band and tubing had embedded themselves in my liver, so the tubing and band had to be dissected out of my liver. I am at home and recovering and trying to decide if I am going to have a revision in about 6 months or not.

on 12/28/17 4:36 pm
RNY on 12/26/17
Topic: RE: starting the process for removal

I had my band removed in August and revised to bypass on the 26th. I had to have my band removed because of the acid reflux I had been suffering from for many years. Good luck to you!

on 12/16/17 9:47 pm
Lap Band on 02/20/17
on 12/12/17 7:42 am
Lap Band on 06/11/13
Topic: True Results Scottsdale AZ

Wondering If anyone can provide direction on how to get my medical records now that True Result has closed?

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on 12/10/17 6:57 pm
Lap Band on 12/21/17
Topic: RE: * update * Going to be getting the band in 2 months... would love any helpful tips

Thank you for a positive response. I am having lap band on the 22nd.

on 12/10/17 10:33 am
Topic: RE: New to me

Because I rarely check in at ObesityHelp, I've just seen your note and hope that you've been looked over by now and weren't given a horrid report. Going on the assumption that nothing is terribly amiss, let me suggest that you start attending your practice's support group. If it doesn't have one, all other hospital's practices for schedule info. It would be unusual if another practice didn't welcome you to its group. It would be rare to find a practice that has separate groups for the different surgical procedures. Most have mixed groups which is also beneficial. If you happen to be in NYC, NYU has a band-only group and another for the others.

on 12/10/17 10:20 am
Topic: RE: Reaching Out "old" Lap Bander

It sounds as though it's been a long time since you've been in to your surgery practice. Most people *****gain a lot feel too humiliated to make an appt, but I think it's one of the first and wisest steps to reacquaint and reconnect. They've heard it all before and, when someone recommits, they'll be there to help you succeed.

Use a food tracker (My Fitness Pal;; are among them). Not only will it help you stay aware of what you're putting in your mouth, it will also be a great reference so that you can take a hard look should you go astray. I also find that the little time I spend using mine (spark, but that's not an endorsement), is time that I'm not eating.

If your memory or confidence is shaky on the how-to's and what-to's of choosing foods, see your practice's RD with about a week's worth of food diaries to review together. The RD will be able to point out areas that my need improvement.

I've been there and am still working on undoing the damage. You can do it.