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on 10/18/18 7:51 pm
Topic: RE: Want Lap Band Removed!!

I'm surprised that your insurance will not cover band removal since it's technically not a weight loss surgery. I have United Healthcare, and they are covering my excision. I did develop issues with stuckage and slippage and a small hiatal hernia that developed above the band, so I guess removal is justified.

I just had my removal surgery on Tuesday. 72 hours later, I'm still having some pain whenever I have to use my abdominal muscles, but it seems to be getting a little better so far. No issues with restriction at all, as you might guess since the band is gone, but this leaves me having to be very careful with my eating habits so as not to gain weight. In six months or so, I'll make a decision about whether or not to pursue sleeve gastrectomy or just go it alone.

Good luck with removal, but I would really have your surgeon seek approval from your insurance company. They are good at writing just the right kind of letter to get payment approved.


on 10/18/18 9:23 am
Topic: RE: Hello! I'm 10 years out and have a question. I've been dealing with aspiration & night cough a l

I had the same thing. Turns out I had a infection in my lungs that was causing the cough. Had to get on antibiotics for that and 6 months of acid reducing pills to stop and heal the night regurgitation. Also alcohol makes it worse. Now I take phendimetrazine every night to help seal off stomach valve. Going back today to let tightened again. Hopefully will not have problems again. Good luck.

on 10/15/18 6:13 am - Jacksonville, FL
Topic: Hello! I'm 10 years out and have a question. I've been dealing with aspiration & night cough a l

My question is has anyone experienced a combination of being able to eat large quantities and experiencing hunger (common signs of being too loose) combined with aspiration & night cough (common sign of being too tight). I made an appointment for this Friday because I'm worried it is damaging my lungs. Sometimes when I exhale it sounds wheezy or like bubbles. I know I can sleep in a chair or stop eating 2-3 hours before bed and it might help some but I don't want a temporary fix, I want the night cough to go away.


thanks in advance.


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on 10/1/18 4:20 pm

Looking at getting mine removed and revising to RNY. It seems that sadly they have not lived up to their promise

on 10/1/18 4:15 pm
Topic: RE: Weight Gain 9 years after Lap Band surgery

I have had my band 9 years. Did great for the first 6 years or so but since then have been rapidly regaining. Nothing really wrong with it except it no longer does what it is designed to do. Apparently this is really common.

I am now looking at revising to a Bypass as per my surgeon's recommendations

on 9/30/18 6:28 am
Topic: Eating

Has anyone doctor told them an appropriate amount of times to chew your food with the band?

Kathy S.
on 9/26/18 3:28 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
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Topic: The clock is Ticking - Event Time October 5 & 6 Don't Miss Out!

Tickets are still available! We have new bariatric friendly vendors and the speakers are AMAZING We hope to see you there!




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on 9/25/18 4:59 am - Lewisville, TX
Topic: Tubing disconnected from Band after a fall-Help

Hi fellow banders.... I am

looking for a Dr. in Mexico that can reconnect the tubing to my band for affordable cost. I had a bad fall back in February and since then nonrestriction. My dr checked for everything, and the band is ok.

Can my friends please recommend who they feel was great and clean and of course safe for this procedure. I was thinking of going tonsleeve, but I feel like I want to do this first.

Thank you-Lea

on 9/22/18 4:58 pm
Topic: RE: Could this be a slip?

So your last filll was over 2 years ago. That means that you were able to use that lap band for 7 years or so? Is that normal? That a person can use a lap band for that many years? I thought they were only really good for a couple of years

on 9/22/18 4:52 pm
Topic: RE: Weight Gain 9 years after Lap Band surgery

I suppose you could have a revision. How far out are you?