Dry brushing?

on 1/17/09 9:58 pm - polarbears&igloos, AK
Hello, well I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this technique called dry brushing? If you have, have you tried it? and if so did it work? I heard about it the other day and wanted to know.

on 1/25/09 1:50 am - Orlando, FL
Sorry but no I hadn't until you mentioned it.

I would strongly recommend that you consult with a certified Lymphedema therapist before you try this.  What I do know is that you have to be extremely careful about any damage to your skin, as lymphedemic skin has a lot of trouble healing after wounds of any type - and if the brush used was too hard you could find that you end up with damaged skin.

If you're considering it due to dryness I would recommend Eucerin's lotions.  My PT recommended the original formula (because it's Ph balance helps keep skin healthy), but I like this one www.eucerinus.com/products/hb_plussmooth.html  because I find it spreads better and it definately helps removed the "sheeting/flaking" skin you can get with Lymphedema.
on 1/25/09 6:37 pm - polarbears&igloos, AK
I don't have a certified lymphedemma therapist because there's only one here where I live and he/she is booked until about May. So right now I'm dealing with this all on my own.

But thanks for your reply :)
on 2/22/09 3:14 am - Dover-Foxcroft, ME
I haven't heard of it until you posted.  Do you know where I can find more info about the technique?

on 6/7/10 2:13 am
I have lipedema, rather than lymphedema but I dry brush every day. It is actually wonderfully good for your whole system and feels great. You must use a natural bristle brush that is specifically for the purpose (they are not expensive) and use light strokes. It may help your lymphedema, and it will do no harm,as long as you don't scrub at your skin.

The weird thing about it is that I had an effect that I simply wasn't expecting. I have very mild psoriasis on my elbows. At one stage i had run out of my cream, and it was acting up and was looking pretty red and angry. I started dry-brushing, avoiding the area, and within a week the psoriasis had pretty much abated. Very strange. I have stopped and started it to see if it was just a one off thing, but no......if I don't dry brush, the psoriasis gets worse.

Anyway, there are many videos on youtube showing demonstrations of the technique. Here is a website that also describes the technique in detail.

http://www.naturalhealthtechniques.com/healingtechniques/Dry _Brushing_Technique.htm

i hope this helps

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