Does Lymphedema hurt?

on 7/27/11 5:21 am - New Bedford, MA
I have lymphedema almost throughout my whole body. I feel discomfort in my feet and lower legs, as if someone is trying to stretch my skin beyond it's limits.

Do the wraps/compression garments hurt or cause pain?

I am due to start treatment Aug. 9th. I have heard allot of you mention you are in pain and needing to take pain meds. I am allergic to most pain meds. The compression garments sound painful. Thanks everyone for your support.

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on 7/27/11 11:34 am - Portsmouth, OH
If at any time the wraps are too painful to bear, then remove them...pain is not good. Sometimes they might slip a bit and start to pinch or feel too tight...unwrap! Too tight is not good. There will probably a lot of trial and error in the your best and give your therapist a lot of feedback. I used spandex biker shorts to try and keep the thigh wraps up/on...but for the first years wraps on my thighs just would not stay up so we only wrapped the lower was better than nothing.

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on 7/28/11 5:59 am - New Bedford, MA

Thanks for your support. I will look into the spandex biker shorts thing. Maybe knee high nylons will keep the wraps on the lower legs. I tried the wraping about a year ago and couldn't handle it emotionally. I just tried to ignore it. But especially within these past few months, it seems like my lymph is growing and blowing up like yeast in dough. So, now I have no choice but to start with treatment again. Except this time I'm gonna stick with it.

Thanks again. ((((hugs))))

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? I say, what difference does it make--I paid for a full glass,so either way I am getting jipped!!!

on 7/30/11 3:34 am - Friendswood, TX
I did notice when I first started getting wrapped and compressed that after the dressings came off and I was able to shower I felt lkie I was being picked by glass when I washed my legs. Dr. said it was the nerves waking up after being compressed  so long. I also felt very tired afte my sessions and peed a lot afterward. I went and then came home nd elevated the rest of the day.I Now my legs are  small enough to wear compression pantihose which take about 10 minutes to put on in the morning . My legs don't ache anymore after 12 hr. shifts as a nurse.  Toward the end of the day just before you get massaged and wrapped the dressings due migrate down and get tight around the ankles but no real pain. I was fortunate I saw a Plastic surgeon who was knowlegeable and sent me to be treated for Lymphedema. It is time consuming because you have to wash and dry and roll your dressins each day you have treatment and have them ready to put on. They give you 2 sets so you wear one and have one ready to put on. I  used a pillowcase  and pinned it closed to put   the like ace wraps   and stockinettes in whenI washed  them on gentle in cold waer.. I hung them on hangers  in  doorways in the  extra bedroom with the fan on to dry. Hope your treatment goes well.  .
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on 8/2/11 6:37 am - New Bedford, MA
That idea of a pinned pillowcase sounds interesting and I will gladly try it. I also have a mesh bag that I put my bras and other delicates in when I wash them. Thanks for the advice

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? I say, what difference does it make--I paid for a full glass,so either way I am getting jipped!!!

on 10/15/12 10:16 am, edited 10/15/12 10:17 am

My lymphedema affects my left leg the most, but comapred to some other patients I have seen in the waiting room, mine is *NOTHING*.

I have a huge lump at the top of my left calf, and permanent "stocking" indents on my lower calf.  I think genetics come into play with me, because almost all of my Dad's brothers and sisters have it.  

I'm done with wrapping, but I do have a lower body compression garment that I wear to keep my loose skin in place, and to control the lymphedema.  I learned to do manual drainage on myself between PT visits, so I have not experienced any increase in swelling. I can wear an "off the rack" garment now, and since I've lost weight, I've gone down to 20-30mmHg from 40-50 mmHg.  My old garment was very thick and stiff,  and a day's work to get into!  What I have now is more like a firm capri pantliner girdle.

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on 2/8/13 1:19 am - IN

I currently wear compression stockings and LOVE them! The pain is WAY less for me with the stockings and TERRIBLE when I don't wear them. I feel the stockings give my legs lots of support. It gets hot in the summer, but it's still worth it. I've gotten to the point I just wear capri's. If someone thinks I look stupid with my thick stockings, that is their problem. I am determined to spend time outside in the warm weather, just as long as my fibro doesn't knock me down.


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