help help help

on 10/22/15 10:54 am - toledo, OH

hi im new to this site and i need help and guidance or an advocate to help me i live in a nursing home and getting out is limited now the lymphedema i have is causing me to do little activities i need help i have no support im far from my home town i just need help please and thank you so much for listening

on 11/26/15 4:19 am

Ty, I hope you've found support from a local group. Please check the social services and health support groups in your town. You're in my prayers


on 12/9/15 8:20 am - Portsmouth, OH

Is the nursing home providing you treatment for your lymphedema? They should be able to have physical or occupational therapists perform MLD and compression wrapping, or at least get your a compression pump.

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on 12/9/15 8:32 am - toledo, OH

no this nursing home dont provide that

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