Does Tannic Acid in Coffee cause Ulcers?

Chuck N.
on 4/8/07 1:52 am - Salt Lake City, UT
Hey guys.  I was reading some posts on the main board this morning (I should know better by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and asked about tannic acid when someone posted about caffiene.   Well, noone answered the question about tannic acid - they just kept talking about caffiene. Anyway, my question is about coffee.   I understand that caffiene is a diuretic and can lead to dehydration, but my surgeon says to avoid coffee because it contains tannic acid which can cause ulcers. I miss coffee somthing FIERCE - and, i'm actually fine drinking decaf, but I'm worried about the tannic acid.   I'm still only 3 1/2 weeks post-op, but since going back to work I've been craving coffee like crazy.  I work in a drug rehab, and for those who know anything about rehab - we drink coffee by the gallon!!!! Anyway, I'd appreciate any information you all have been given regarding the tannic acid in coffee and if it's too rough on our pouches.  I know we have some coffee drinkers in here!!!!! Chuck
NotDave (Howyadoin?)
on 4/8/07 5:54 am - Japan


I think coffee is fine, with an equal volume of skim milk. That and maybe 1-2 tums a day seems to ward off any problems for me. I drink a ton! I only drink instant so I can get the most bang for the buck.


Mr Buddha
on 4/8/07 12:44 pm - florence, KY
Chuck the only thing I heard so far about Tannic acid.... is that it will bond with any iron supplements you might take or just iron in general and you not get the all the iron you might be needing. That came from my nutritionist two weeks ago. I took that with a grain of salt because I need my iced tea.  I'll just eat more foods that are high in Iron.
on 4/8/07 2:09 pm - Marlton, NJ
Lap Band on 12/04/06 with


After I read your post I got curious so I Googled Tannic acid and I can't find anywhere where it says that tannic acid is contained in coffee. Check out the following link, it shows that "tannin" is contained in tea, some fruits and wines, nothing about coffee.

After reading the description I would have to say that you are ok with your coffee. I hope this helps, enjoy. 


Dx E
on 4/8/07 4:04 pm - Northern, MS

Yep, all coffee, De-Caf or full strength has tannic acid. It has mild irritant effect on the digestive tract and can slow peristalsis and (if the coffee is de-caf, can increase constipation) It’s that "mild irritant" thing that most docs recommend avoiding Post-Op for at least 4 to 6 months. Using De-caf instead of Caffinated in that instance, is a bit like switching from Vodka to Scotch is order to avoid getting drunk. At "moderate levels" (around 2 cups a day,) no real ‘ill-effects’ to the digestive tract (once it has healed) are exhibited. "Ulcers? Perhaps at high levels of ingestion. At higher "StarBuck’s Warrior" levels, there is some impact on mineral absorption. High levels of tannic acid can lower the bio-availability of Iron. The astringency counteracts the acidic effect on the iron and impedes absorption. The biggest ‘drawback’ once a person is past the first 6 months and the pouch is totally healed, is the effect of tannic acid on staining the teeth. Red Wine, coffee and Tea all deliver ruthless punishment to one’s bright smile. Toothpaste and regular flossing won’t cut it, and eventually the teeth get that "Perma-Dinge" shadow color. Only bleaching can get them back to looking good. Tannic acid causing ulcerations in post-ops? Because of it’s astringent properties, Externally, tannic acid is used to treat ulcers, toothache and wounds. Check some of it’s "high points" at- p

(and a post above.....) Hope this helps…. Best Wishes- Dx

Chuck N.
on 4/8/07 10:40 pm - Salt Lake City, UT
Thank you all for your responses - sounds like the answer for me is to wait a bit longer and give my pouch some more healing time.   I'm fine without the caffiene, but have been worried about the tannic acid's effects on the pouch healing. You all enjoy your coffee this morning - and I'll sit here with my water, feeling very grateful that I had this surgery, and knowing that in a couple months I can once again enjoy a nice Vanilla Latte in the morning!!!!!! Have a Great Day everyone!!!! Chuck
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