Low Balls

Paul S.
on 6/7/09 10:23 am - Hillsborough, NJ
Living post-op WLS is just a bowl full of cherries. I probably shouldn't complain too much as I've lost 120 pounds in less than 9 months but the fun never seems to stop. This week my balls have been hanging so low they touched the water in the toilet in public restrooms - twice! Yuck!
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Don 1962
on 6/7/09 10:41 am
It is kind of "yucky" but the swirling motion feels sooooo good!

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on 6/7/09 3:42 pm - Oxford, MI
Sagging skin does that.
on 6/7/09 5:47 pm, edited 6/7/09 5:48 pm - Garland, TX
 I really don't think "teabag testes" - like you and I have - are a weight loss thing, but rather an age thing ..  (so do older gals have problems like that with their smaller lovelips?  )  ..  It's probably something to do with the cremaster muscle in the bag losing its tonicity (I've heard diabetics get the same problem) or the electrical impulses that keep it normally contracted not getting through anymore like they used to  ..  That would also explain why the #2s don't gather together just before the "big moment" anymore, like they did when we were younger ..  

  btw. PSs can do a "scrotum reduction" .   They did one on a relatively young man the other day on Dr. 90210 (coincidentally, the doc also did a lovelip reduction on his g/f).  

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... " 

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on 6/7/09 9:00 pm - Crofton, MD
Hanging balls is like hanging tits.  Gravity.  A whole new meaning to "how deep is the water"?
I just wish the whole package would stretch out and hang longer.

Question! At what month did you first see your boys the same time  your toes??  Mine was 4 mos.  Marked it on the calender.
on 6/9/09 8:08 am - Garland, TX
I don't think gravity is it, either ..   I noticed the other night on one of hose "primative peoples" shows on T.V. that it seemed all the guys in that island tribe (ones that wear the boys exposed) had #2s as high & tight as a teenager's, no matter how old they were (and even in spite of the tropical heat) ..    So, maybe it IS a weight loss thing .. 

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... " 

 HW/461  LW/251 GW187 CW/315 (yep, a DS semi-failure - it happens  :-(    )

Stephan B.
on 6/8/09 4:20 am - Holmen, WI
I 'm with you on this one.  Haven't tried not to fight it and go with it yet.  The age factor may be part of it, but I didn't have this happen prior to wls.
on 6/8/09 6:49 am - Charlotte, NC
RNY on 05/15/07 with
I've had the same issue!!! Never before did I and now two years out they do and its weird. At home not so "icky" but at work its like UMM let me sit like a student back in the olden days should have...HAHA....Guess its a "Side effect" of weight loss....Not always a bad one though...HAHA
on 6/10/09 8:26 am - Boynton Beach, FL
you know what also doesnt help?  when you're in kidney failure for over 2 weeks and your ******** swells to the size of a grapefruit....that skin aint never gonna snap back....trust me! pahaha

by the way, this may not be a bad thing...some weirdo's are doing this on purpose!
google:  "scrotum stretching"...if you dare.


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