Water Intake - does timing matter?

on 2/17/10 10:53 pm - Rochester, NY

Question for those who may know......

Does it matter the timing of when you get your daily water in?  I'm an early bird, i'm up by 4:30 am daily.  I'm at work by 6 am.  I starting drinking my water as soon as i get to work.

I noticed today that it's 9:30 am, and i've already hit my 64 ounces of water, and i'm working on the next 32 already (i usually like to get 96 ounces done by the end of the work day).  At this rate i'll have 96 done before lunch.

Does it matter when i get the water in as long as I get it?  I fear that if i try to spread it out further in the day (like after work---i get out of work at 3:30 or 4 pm depending on overtime), that I may slack off and not actually get it all in. 

Anyone know??

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on 2/18/10 1:25 am - Onalaska, WI
It is better for your body to be constantly hydrated, but I get most of my water in after diner and I have no problems that I know of because of it.


Gus H.
on 2/18/10 4:14 am - La Puente, CA
Good question....I'm the opposite...I begin to drink water around 10amISH.....

I would think that it would probably be best for your body to receive enough water consistently and slowly to nouri**** properly?  Who knows...I'm sure you'll get many other percpectives.
(deactivated member)
on 2/18/10 5:24 am
If you are getting your water in that early, nothing says you can't continue...

Everything that I have read says AT LEAST 64 ozs er day....
walter A.
on 2/24/10 11:22 am, edited 2/24/10 11:22 am - lafayette, NJ
be attentive to the quantity, too much is not a good thing for any one,  its a sign of high blood sugar, as the kidney are attempting to flush the glucose out,  also you might have diabetes insipudus, that a whole noter thing, I have it, with meds, good for 6 gallons a day and would put out 7 gallons.
 make sure you **** is like a cheap beer in color.

this got my attention because we are in winter, summer and outdoor labor would of course be different. cold and dry will make you thirsty, too, 

on 2/25/10 2:02 am - Rochester, NY
Thanks for the info, but this is def not out of thirst or anything like that.  I force myself to drink this much water just to hit my daily goals.  I try to hit around 96 ounces a day.  I'm not yearning or thirsty to drink that much, i do it just to keep my hydrated and keep the weight loss going. 
Highest Weight : 361 (pre-op diet)  |    Surgery Weight : 311    |   Current Weight : 181
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