Penis size after weightloss surgery

(deactivated member)
on 4/26/10 2:32 am
This is an akward question, but i was curious if your penis grows after losing a bunch a weight. Just looking forward to all the positives after surgery
Don 1962
on 4/26/10 3:00 am
Ain't nothing awkward about it.  According to Dr. Oz a man gains an 1" for every 35 pounds lost.  Not quite true!  Think of it in terms of an 8' post in the ground.  If you have 4' buried in the ground you have 4' of usable post.  Take 2-3 feet of top soil off the post and BOOM now you have 6-7 feet of available post.  Trends indicate that as you loose weight your love life improves!  

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on 4/26/10 3:32 am
Thanks losttxn for the info , I love your mantras especially the last one, Priceless lol!        
Don 1962
on 4/26/10 10:16 am

Learn from other's mistakes.  It will save you from making the same ones yourself.

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 4/26/10 7:40 am - Garland, TX
Expanding on what "Don the Wad" said ..      (no pun intended) ..

  Dr. Oz clarified his now-legendary statement he made on the Oprah Winfrey show in his later book, You On A Diet, pointing out that the inch is only for the first 35 lbs. lost (supposedly) and that, although there is some "enlongation" with additional weight loss, it is NOT proporitional/linear.     

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on 4/26/10 7:41 am - Crofton, MD
After a year out its the 5am blues that will get you. Hard as a rock and no place to go.  It gets thicker and a little longer.  Makes you feel like  your back in high school  Good luck handling this problem
Michael Wells
on 4/26/10 9:12 am - Middletown, DE
Mine grows all the time.  And then it shrinks again.
(deactivated member)
on 4/26/10 9:30 am
LOL mine too, i just wi**** stayed bigger
on 4/26/10 9:31 am
"According to Dr. Oz a man gains an 1" for every 35 pounds lost. "

If that were true. .lets see.. 500 - 224 = 276 lbs
276 divided by 35 = 7.88 inches

That would mean another 8 inches.. Wow.. double the length!

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Scott William
on 4/26/10 11:10 am
Mine went from 9 to 12 so the inch per 35 lbs seems about right.

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