It's Blueberry Season Again

on 6/26/11 1:20 am - Willingboro, NJ
 Here in South Jersey, it's prime blueberry season.  I don't pick 'em anymore.  Rather, I just go to my favorite farm and buy them by the 10 lb box ( i.e., 10 pts ).  We bought 20 lbs on Thurs and will share them with my folks and bro and my wife's mother and bro.  It's my favorite time of the year.  

Soon we'll be having sweet corn and the famous Jersey tomatoes.  Lots of people grow their own but I think that's a wasted effort.  By the time they're ripe, everyone has ripe tomatoes and you get loads of them for free.

NJ has made a major effort to have local farmers' markets even in the major cities.  NJ is pushing their theme of Jersey Fresh!  Hey, it is the Garden State.  I live in Burlington County and we still have horse farms, vegetable and fruit farms, and several State Forests and the Pinelands Preserve.
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on 6/26/11 3:28 am - NY
 Only the southern part of New Jersey is truly the Garden State. 

Except for the northwestern corner of the state, the entire northern part of N****ore like the "what exit?" state.

Born in Newark, grew up in Middlesex County, I now live one mile north of NJ in Rockland County, NY.
on 6/26/11 12:56 pm - Willingboro, NJ
 to SickAndTiredOfBeingFat:  I lived in Kearny for 5 years before moving to S Jersey.  So, I know what N Jersey is like.  I grew up in Bridgewater ( in the poor section ) in Central NJ.  I've lived in the "what exit?" part of state regarding the NJTPK --my mother-in-law lives at 15W and I'm at exit 5.  I know nothing about exits on the PKY.  Bob
Bill B.
on 6/26/11 9:08 am - NJ
It is a great place to live!!
Scott William
on 6/27/11 4:33 am
I grew up in New York near the NY NJ PA border. We would frequent High Point State Park. Lovely area. Last summer we went to a Bon Jovi concert in Mass and as a limo drove by some girl yelled, "what exit". My wife looked at me and asked what the hell was that. I had to explain it to her - or what I thought she meant.

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