One blessed newbie and a hello!!

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RNY on 03/26/12
I thought I'd get this out there before the Sunday morning weigh ins.
First I want to say hello and say I'm so glad I found the mens board, so much less drama here!! I gotta say I've only checked the board out for a couple weeks now but have learned a lot already and want to say to you regular posters that you provide some great info and more importantly INSPIRATION that that these surgeries can be successful.

I'll cover my recent blessings to be grateful for...............

1) I had my first doctors visit on December 7th and I'm having RNY surgery tomorrow morning March 26th. This is huge after reading so many other's struggles trying to get approved. I think part my determination but mostly a blessing from the big guy above!!  

2) I am so fortunate to have probably the top surgeon in the country in my back yard and getting him to do my surgery. Dr. Roger De Le Torre has been a trailblazer in WLS for years and his team was one of the first to do RNY laparoscopically and he was one of 8 docs to trial lap band surgeries before the FDA approved them in the US. This has relieved a ton of my stress abut my surgery.

3) I have such a huge support system! My wife and son along with all the rest of my family and my friends and co-workers are on board with me doing this. So far no ****ty comments about taking the "easy way out" but most people that know me know that I'm pretty much an open book and a good "kiss my ass" would come their way if they did make a comment like that. 

4) I'm getting a 2nd chance. Three years ago I started on a path of good eating and exercise and lost 110 lbs in 10 months on diet and exercise alone. BUT I injured my back or maybe years of being overweight and really active for a fat guy finally took their toll and I've been struggling ever since. I was under so much pressure to keep exercising so I could keep losing the weight I ignored the pain until one night working with my trainer I ended up barely able to walk out of the gym which has ended up with serveral rounds of steriod shots in my spine and tons of pain medication. So, basically my Ortho doc, pain mangement doc, surgeon and chiropractor all said I should do this or pay the price sooner than later. The good news is that if I get a bunch of this weight back off I should be able to resume a active lifestyle again. I know how good I felt after 100 lbs off so with the help of this surgery I should feel fantastic with 200lbs off eventually.

So, here I am on the verge of surgery in a good place mentally with a great support system and a fantastic place to come for advice, guidence and inspiration not to mention a space to share some upcoming FARTS!!

So let the ride begin!!!!
Eric "Stoney" Stone from Missouri  
on 3/24/12 2:18 pm
Welcome...The first few weeks are very boring.  You'll be climbing the walls.  Allow the healing process to take place.  We'll hear from you "I can't get in all my water and protein"!  We know it, your doctor knows it...Just try and do your best and you should be fine.  This next advice always works for RNY; walk, sip, rest, repeat.  Sip sip sip.  Sleep when and where you can.  The pain near your belly button post op, is where they put the camera.  That is why that location hurts alittle more than the other spots.  You are usually in pain for about 4 or 5 days...The meds help.  After that it will be discomfort for about 10 more days, then you should be fine.  Ask away on the questions.  This forum and the RNY Forum were so helpful for me when I first started out...Many of us want to try and give back.  There is also great support here.  Enjoy the ride.  Brian
Michael P.
on 3/24/12 9:40 pm
Amen to what Brian said!  Your story sounds so similar to mine.  I have lost 100 pounds+ many times over the course of my life only to lose motivation, have an injury or setback and it has always resulted in a weight gain that was higher than my previous high point.  It was a terrible, never ending cycle that ate me to the core and that I honestly feel, no I KNOW, that I have now broken with Weight Loss Surgery.  I'm not going to sugar coat the experience and there have been struggles from time to time but I always manage to get back on my pony and ride.  I am 13 months post op and about 17 months since I've started this journey and it is amazing.  I think I actually saw my abs in the mirror this morning which is a BIG deal for someone that was once 506.6 pounds!  

Good Luck tomorrow, take it easy the first month to get used to your new tool and then buckle up for the ride of your life.  Its most definitely worth the trip.


Don't forget to check in on Sunday Mornings even if you don't post a weight!!

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Don 1962
on 3/24/12 11:13 pm

Good Luck tomorrow, hang on for one hell of a ride, sip, sip, sip, walk, walk, walk, chew, chew, chew and above all else............

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 3/25/12 12:14 am - Houston, TX
Welcome, Stoney. Glad to have you here. Good luck with the surgery. Probably the only thing I'd add at this point is to take it easy for the next few weeks. Although you do want to walk walk walk. You will tire easily, so initially be prepared for less endurance that you will think you should have. This applies to work as well. I thought I could tough it out and be back to work almost immediately since my job is a desk job. As it turns out, I took over a week off completely plus worked half to three-quarter days for about 3 more weeks. I didn't hurt, I was just tired out. Oh, one final thought. When you get to the "why the hell did I do this to myself" stage that so many of us experience, remember that this, too, shall pass.
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Brian K.
on 3/25/12 1:30 am - MA
RNY on 04/23/12
 Welcome Stoney,  Don't be a stranger around here. Best of luck!
on 3/25/12 6:13 am - MA
Welcome Stoney..

Great to see a newcomer!!! Your always welcome here brother. Just like me, you will get a lot of information, advice, and most importantly inspiration from this forum.

I agree with what all the others said about post op life. Biggest thing is Easy Does It. You will experience several physical and mental peaks and valleys, but just know it is part of the journey. And trust me, it is the journey of a lifetime!!

Best of luck on the Surgery tomorrow!

Yours in WLS,
Bill Mac
on 3/25/12 7:24 am
RNY on 03/26/12
Thanks to everyone for the support!!! Been busy getting ready for tomorrow and looks like I'll be around 394 on surgery day. So glad to be done with this liquid diet on this side of surgery!! At least on the other side I'll be working away from all liquids. Had to do an extra week to make sure I hit my BMI goal so it's been three weeks now.  

I'll check in when I get home and hopefully I'll learn how to upload a photo and set up my page a little better while I'm off between sips, walks, farts and rests.
Take care,
Charlie S.
on 3/26/12 10:40 am
Welcome and congratulations, Stoney.

Sorry to have missed the boat on your post.  I was off for a 4-day weekend for my birthday.  Just got back in town today.  (Off doing things that I never would have done at 429!)

Best of luck brother.  Today is my birthday, and your re-birthday. 

CONGRATS!  Let us know how you're doing when you feel up to it...

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on 3/26/12 2:35 pm - Fort Lauderdale, FL
VSG on 02/05/14
Hi: Charlie
                      Happy Birthday, many more happy and healthy years.


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