Sunday Weigh In

on 8/20/17 6:42 am - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14

337.6: High weight Dec '13

311.3: Surgery day 1/16/14

191.8: 1st Surgiversary

199.2: 2nd Surgiversary

201.6: 3rd Surgiversary

205.0: Last Weigh in

205.4: CW

Food: B

Water: B-

Vitamins: B

Exercise: D

My life is like a Cat 3 hurricane right now. I ate out 19 of 21 meals, and I don't see that getting better for the next 9 months. All it will take is some personal strife and some work pressure to get to a Cat 5. I'm holding my own for now, and my wife is being very supportive. Hopefully after labor day I can start being home both Saturday and Sunday so I can be a weekend warrior of sorts to get my exercise in. In the meantime, I'm eating mindfully and getting activity where I can. Vitamins are good for the most part.

Have a great week


on 8/20/17 8:34 am
VSG on 11/28/16

207.2 Last week
202.5 Today

Food: A
Water: A
Vitamins: A
Exercise: D

Happy to see the loss. The scale is not my home one so there can be a variance, but I am pleased.

Have a good week everyone.


on 8/20/17 10:00 am, edited 8/20/17 3:01 am

Highest 300

Day of surgery 272

Hit goal (6 months 10 day) 190

Lowest 187

Highest regain about 235-237

Last week 196-197


Again for my sleep issues, I have cut my sugar and simple carbs by less than half for the last 2+ months. When I started this I was about 207-209. Just cutting back on the simple carbs and getting some exercise/work will cause the weight loss. Being retired allows me to be more flexible in doing this. If I were on the run (tons of work) I would be grabbing the donuts and junk to keep the blood sugar level up to keep running. Also getting 6-8 hours of sleep at night helps with the burning of the calories and weight loss. Brian

Don 1962
on 8/20/17 11:41 am

Last week: 187.0

This week: 187.6

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Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 8/20/17 2:55 pm - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14



on 8/21/17 2:41 pm
VSG on 09/26/14

I'm a day late as I was traveling yesterday.

HW: 450
SW: 428
LW: 211.6
TW: 212.4

Goal: 199.9
Lowest Post-Surgery: 189.5

Totally going the wrong way here, but it's understandable. I found out what's up with my sweating and feeling like I have no energy: I'm battling a nasty infection. My excess skin on my right side of my abdomen is constantly being rubbed against by my waistband. It's always red and inflamed and I just try to keep it dry and clean. Well, apparently there was a cut from the rubbing of my waistband and an infection started. I got antibiotic cream and some antibiotic pills and I'm back feeling about 95%. What a mess; I never thought dealing with excess skin would lead to a small scratch that got infected, but the doc said it's always "hot and damp" from waistband and sweat so it's prime area for an infection. It just took the skin scratching into my hipbone to open a small wound.

I feel confident that I'll get back in fighting shape this week and get those numbers down!

HW: 450
SW: 428 9/26/14
Reached 'normal' BMI (24.9) with a weight of 199.9: 2/5/2016


on 8/23/17 12:34 pm

I think if this happens again you may be in need of medically required plastic surgery to prevent reinfection!! Get the insurance company to pay for it...Tummy tuck...

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