Protein shakes pros and cons?

on 6/28/05 7:12 am - Washington, DC
What's up guys, Doc wants me to stay away from protein shakes as possible. I understand that he wants me to eat instead of drink. Sometimes this just aint possible. Can y'all recommend a great mix? How often do you do a shake? and any opinion on mix it yourself vs pre mixed cans? Thanks and Let's hear it for the boys Rob -DC -150
(deactivated member)
on 6/28/05 7:21 am - Las Vegas, NV
I pretty much followed my Docs advice on protein drinks, which was not to drink them. His reasons made sense to me. After my running program was in full force, I was not getting enough calories in, so I decided to give protein drinks a try. I was unable to eat before without feeling sluggish nor after because I got sick, but I could manage a protein drink. The BEST tasting (by far) was "muscle milk", very High Carb. Very expensive also. I did a canaster of the EAdvantage, which doesn't taste completely sucky. I add chocolate powder (to fix flavor and low carbishness). There is also a premixed version that does not taste bad. I'm back to pretty much not doing protein drinks. Post workout I do yogurt now, then a good protein meal about 1.5-2 hours later. Tek
on 6/28/05 7:49 am - Washington, DC
Thanks Tek, The yogurt after working out seems like a great idea! I just learned something new. I am going to hunt for the "muscle milk" and give it a try. Just check out your profile and I am inspired...not to run yet! -Rob
(deactivated member)
on 6/28/05 8:20 am - Las Vegas, NV
If your still in the weightloss phase, I would not go with "muscle milk" as it had (IIRC) about 500 calories per drink. Not good for weight loss. I used it when I was running a zillion miles a week and didn't want to lose more weight. Even then, I had to halve it because I mentally couldn't cope with drinking that many calories Tek
Timmy R.
on 6/29/05 2:22 pm - Millinocket, ME
Hi Tek Yeah I like the EAS Advantage or Advant Edge whey protein power you can buy at Walmart... one scoop per 8 oz.. is 20 grams. But the SOY protein version sucks. Thats my opinion for the day : P I try to eat real food now that my Post Op new bride is daily kicking my... umm *educating me * *grin* But of the protein drinks you mix.... thats my top choice too.. especially the whew chocolate kind. Have a good one Timmy Ray
Randall Culpepper
on 6/28/05 7:29 am - Guntersville, AL
Hey Rob. I know all Dr's are different, but my Dr. told me to drink the protein shakes. I love 'em! I buy the Atkin's powder mix and the already prepared cans. The chocolate royale is awesome!! You can get protein by eating of course, but do the shakes for a snack in between meals. I'm almost 11 months out and down 99 lbs past goal. I haven't lost any hair and I say it's all due to my protein intake. I get 80-90 grams per day. Hope this helps. Randall
on 6/28/05 7:43 am - Washington, DC
Thanks Randall, I consider this phase 2 - preparing for maintenance while trying to lose another 50-80lbs. I need to get away from my salty snacks- like nuts and pork rinds and will try to do an occasional shake. Glad you are doing great! Good luck! -Rob
Randall Culpepper
on 6/28/05 7:47 am - Guntersville, AL
Hey man, there are also endless ideas you can use to pep up the taste of the powder mixes. Like adding sugar free pudding powder mix to the protein powder mixes. You can check out a few on my profile. If there aren't enough there, e mail me and I'll send ya some recipes I use. I also make a protein ball for snacking out of the powder mix. I'll post it now. Protein Power Balls 1 cup of protein powder 1 cup of peanut butter 1 cup of Old Fashioned Oats (not quick cooking kind) 1/2 cup of honey, regular or sugar free Mix it all with a mixer. Roll into balls to the size of walnuts. Store in a air tight container or zip-lock bag in the fridge. Great for a quick protein snack. Cheaper than the protein bars you can buy too! Hope this helps ya! Randall
on 6/28/05 7:53 am - Willingboro, NJ
My nutritionist wants me to get my protein from food, but in order to get enough protein I would have to eat a lot more. I use HDT 5+1 vanilla proteing powder and and SF&FF Davincigourmet syrups for varied flavors. I'm currently alternating between egg nog, French vanilla, Hazlenut, and Peach flavors. You just add the syrups to satisfy your own taste so I can't say how much I'd add per shake. I'd estimate it to be about 1 oz.
on 6/29/05 12:03 am - on the beach down by the bay, VA
I'm a year and half...maybe more...out and still will have a shake every other day...maybe more if I am on the road. Sometimes the canned atkins.,..when served very cold are good in a pinch, but I tend to rather enjoy the fruit flavored 'Whey-Fruity' mixes from and they have a new cappuccino flavor from IDS, also from bariatric eating. I have tried all types of mixers and blenders and stirring and I have finally developed a process that works for me very well, consistently, and the results are in my humble opion....awesome.... Get yourself a shaved ice maker...not a crusher...a shaved ice maker...kind cheap...$20 from target. Find a 'stick-blender', got mine at the thrift store for $5. That's all you need! Now the process... shave up half a tray of ice cubes mix up a double batch of protein powder...say 2 scoops in 8-10 oz. water using the stick blender. I have a nice blender, but the froth is just too much to deal with, the stick blender doesn't add froth! My favorites are the tropical punch, grape and lemonade...and just lately the cappuccino! Pour the blended mixture into a thermos the ones from your local choke'n'puke, and then start adding the shaved ice, until you have a slurpee or slushy consistency. Heaven on far as I am concerned. Double the protein intake, over a longer period of time....cold and filling...and nutritionally sound...what could be better? Using the cappuccino flavored mix gives you a 'frosted' or 'blended' coffe style of drink. As an added bonus, you can do this, but add more ice, until you get an 'italian ice' style dessert...and voila!...sugar free protein dessert ices! Enjoy...
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