Leak Test

Rodney McCaleb
on 9/6/08 10:02 pm - Trinity, TX
I am having surgery with Dr. Aguirre on September 19 and am wondering about a leak test.  From everything I have seen here, most people drink the barium and have the leak test a day or two after surgery.  However, I have been told that Dr. Aguirre does the dye test while you are in surgery.  Is that correct?  Can it be done during surgery?  I thought it had to be done later.
on 9/6/08 11:52 pm - Sunny Southern, CA

Just wanted to wish you the best on your surgery. I am a Dr. A success story. I hope your experience is as wonderful as mine was.

I believe the leak test differs (open versus lap). Dr. A does open RNY.


Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Recipes & Rambling

on 9/7/08 1:16 am - Phoenix, AZ
I had my surgery on 6/27/08 and my MD did 4 leak tests. 2 were done during the surgery and 2 were done after surgery. Can't tell ya much about the 2 I slept through but the other 2 were a contrast swallow test and a blue dye test. The first consisted of going to Xray and sipping a contrast solution and them watching it go down to make sure there were no leaks. The other was drinking a small amount of blue dye solution while the drain was still in place. They then watched and waited to see if any of the dye solution appeared in the drain which would have indicated a leak.
Hope this helps
Zena L.
on 9/7/08 1:17 am
I am also a Dr. A success story! I hope your experience will be as wonderful as mine. I can't remember if he does the dye while in surgery but he does not do the barium test. When I asked him about it specifically, he told me that it is too stressful on people and can cause more problems if it induces vomiting. He does monitor you closely for leaks while you are recovering. I have not had any complications and I definantly do not have any regrets!

Good luck!
on 9/7/08 6:53 pm
It's been a while since I was here last time...

I went to Ensenada also, and it was a good experience for me. I had the gastric byputt done with laparoscopy. My surgeon showed me the video and he did a leak test using a blue die.  He said it should always be done during surgery. I did not have any drains and I was aloud  to drink water the next morning, released from the hospital the second day and was home by day 4 with only 5 tiny scars and no  pain!!!
I am sure you will do just fine, laparoscopy is a blessing.  I am down 112 lbs.

Welcome to the journey!