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on 2/12/09 7:14 am
 Hi all.  I haven't been on the boards for a while now, but I just finished round FOUR of surgeries with Dr. Fuentes at Cosmed Clinic in Mex on January 21st and thought I would share how it's all gone for me. Overall, I have been very happy with my results and definitely my choice of surgeon. I am praying to God, that I am done (although I certainly think that I could stand to have a thigh lift done :), but I am just not sure that the benefits outweigh the scars that I would have).  This stuff can be addictive.
Dr, Fuentes has been awesome in a lot of ways, but one of the things that I really appreciate about him is that he won't let you run away with the dreams you have in your head, he is very realistic and very honest which I think is invaluable to those of us who have struggled with body image confusion.  He would never recommend a procedure if it really wouldn't benefit you or just to make money.  (I asked him about a facelift when I first met him and he straight up said "you don't need that").   In addition, he really cares if something goes wrong.  I had a seroma develop from the lipo on my inner thigh (I have always had bleeding problems) and he has seen me and called me numerous times to check in on me since.

Dr. Fuentes  can be very sweet once you see past his logic and seriousness.  He is realistic, honest, logical, very conservative with safety issues, much more affordable than US doctors, artistic and most important, he is a perfectionist.  He will provide good results that look very natural in the end and stand by them.   I picked him over the other surgeons I consulted with here because I personally knew two patients from my life that had gone to him and had good results and good experiences, and then I also looked online for months and followed his patients (the ones who seemed realistic)  and they also seemed very satisfied.  In addition, it was very important to me, not to end up with a completely inverted butt from a lower body lift.  I had seen a lot of those results from us docs and I was trying to avoid the same.

I also knew that he and his partner have a lot of experience with weight loss patients.  Speaking of Cosmed Clinic, I know that there was a post about his partner, Dr. Quiroz, recently that was less than flattering and since he is not my doctor, I have nothing to say about him one way or the other.  I will just say that I consulted with him as well in the beginning and felt more comfortable with Dr. Fuentes.  I do think that it would be a real injustice to a lot of people if they chose to lump Dr. Fuentes in with Dr. Quiroz and base their opinion of his work rather than on Dr. Fuentes patients' results. They have a unique approach on many different things, so do your research please.

So, you ask what have I had done???  I have had a lower body lift with a butt auto augmentation (which is NOT always available in the US by the way), a breast lift/augmentation, an upper bleph, some lipo, more fatt put into my butt, and then finally a brow lift.  I am not sure that I will ever be completely satisfied with this body that I have been through a lot with, but I am certainly happier without a gutt, perkier boobs and higher eye brows :)  I too have had to be realistic, because I would love to have boobs like a porn star, but my skin is just too thin and stretched for that :(   I am happy to share photos with you if I could just figure out how to :)

I am sure that the next question you may have is how much did all this cost?  I would say if I had to guess, and that is exactly what I am doing, it would be around $13k?  That is 2/3's cheaper than what I have been quoted by at least 4 other doctors here in the US.  

The facility is clean, and  while I am no professional by any means, the equipment all seemed up to par, and Dr. Fuentes' anesthesiologist, Dr. Reyes , is so sweet and is always waking me up calling me "Beautiful" :))))  Seriously though, he has always taken very good care of me and everybody has been great about my specific requests for certain medications (like I don't barf afterwards).

Like I said, I would hate for somebody not to end up going with Dr. Fuentes based on their opinion of his partner.  They are perfectly capable of doing their own things with their own techniques without involving each other at all.  They are just business partners.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you and I will see if I can figure out how to post  pics.

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on 2/12/09 8:28 am
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If that doesn't work, then you could always check me out on his website of b/a under weight loss patients. 

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on 2/14/09 3:05 am - MD
can you tell me if your surgeries were painful?  Although I have a long way to go...I was thinking I may need a tummy tuck.  Is that painful?  I've had a breast reduction many years ago and I remember that not being painful.  So I may get that.  I don't know yet.  Saw your're gorgeous!
on 2/14/09 3:26 am
 Thank you so much.  Pain tolerance is SUCH an individual thing.  I can honestly say that I never was in PAIN for longer than the first 10 minutes that I wake up, but discomfort, yes there is some of that.  But, that's what drugs are for.  If you stay ahead of the pain and take the drugs as prescribed there is almost no discomfort.  In the end, you will love your results and be so happy you did it.  I wouldn't let the pain stop me from going ahead with feeling better about me in the end.  HOpe that helped!
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on 7/14/11 3:15 pm
Hi Sufia,,, after my WLS I needed a reconstructive surgery of my entire body!! and my first choice was in Mexico at Cosmed clinic with dr. fuentes ,, bc i've read many good reviews about him.
I live in Miami but prices here are too high, so on sept 2009 i decided to investigate to find a reputable clinic abroad to do my surgery. I needed a extensive liposuction a tummy tuck, a breast lift with implants and an arm lift.. before i decide to go abroad I met 4 surgeons in Miami and no one has quoted my procedure less than $30,000!!
I was desperate bc I felt I will never have the money to fix my body,,
During months and months i was looking for affordable options in Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil.. and after 4 months of extensive research I finally realized that the best options were Cosmed Clinic in Mexico and MakeoverTravel in Bolivia.
I was very hesitant because both clinics have a very good reputation,, however the difference in price between Bolivia and Mexico was important.
I sent the same request for my surgeries to both clinics but the price they quoted me at Cosmed Clinic was $4000 higher than the price of MakeoverTravel,, and that was the unique reason why I chose MakeoverTravel.
..i am happy with the choice I made, I don’t know which center is better but I know the price I paid for my surgery in Bolivia is the best deal I ever made. It cost me $8,700 for a tummy tuck along with a liposuction of my entire body, a BL + Breast implants, arm lift. / 17 days in hotel / local transportation / an assistant / all tests before surgery…. …Sufia you are right.. This stuff are addictive
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Can you please tell us about the name of that Bolivian Clinic?

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I was looking at reviews on this location as well as with Dr. Quiroz.  I see you had it with his business partner, Dr. Fuentes.  I was wondering if you can elaborate on the last paragraph.  Since I am looking at Dr. Quiroz, what are the concerns yo may have become aware of?  Any info helps! Thank you!!

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Hello, Can you elaborate about why you wish you would have chosen Dr. Feuentes?  I sent pics in and had a phone consultation with Dr. Quiroz, but if there is a better surgeon, I assume I have that choice.  I just seen your last line about not going to tijuana....I know I am coming in 5 years later, but can you elaborate.  Please. This is for the lady who posted below..."Gracies"  Thank you!! 

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on 3/14/09 5:57 am
I am glad you had such a wonderful experience.  I agree with you that it would be unfair to judge Dr. Fuentes because of anything Dr. Quiroz has done.  I wish I had chosen Dr. Fuentes instead of...well, let's just leave it at that. 

You look fabulous so congratulations!!

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