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Mitzi D.
on 10/26/09 9:44 am - Fort Worth, TX
Hi All,

Ok I am very satisfied with about 3 different doctors I have contacted about VSG however their prices are:  $6000 (Dr. Almanza), $7500 (Dr. Pompa) & $9500 (Dr. Aceves).  At this point I feel like duh, go with the one that is least expensive.  I have spoken to someone at each of these Dr.'s offices and are pleased with each of them.

So with that being said any of your input would be appreciated.

N H.
on 10/27/09 3:28 am - FL


When I did my research earlier this year I had a similar line-up with Dr. Alvarez, Dr. Aceves and Dr. Almanza.

After finding nothing but good on ALL three of the doctors and talking to others that had gone to Dr. Almanza I chose him.

He did a wonderful job.  I have lost 47 pounds since having surgery on 6/16 and feel great.  Have had absolutely NO problems.

Try to relax and enjoy the start of this amazing journey.

Below is what I have posted on my profile page.


Dr. Almanza and his staff are wonderful. I had prepared myself with a lot of research before going to Mexico and don't regret being aware of what was going on a bit.

When I arrived at the San Diego Airport, I was met by two chaperones from Emmanuel Medical Center who were very courteous. Eduardo spoke excellent English and Tony spoke fair English. Our first stop was the lab where they drew blood then on to the clinic. When we arrived at the clinic the cardiologist was waiting to run a 12-lead EKG. Vital signs were taken, forms signed, yada, yada and they prepped me for surgery.

Emmanuel Medical Center is clean to a tee. I wish their janatorial staff would come to my house! It is a smallish facility when compared to an American facility but well appointed and full of wonderful staff who focus on you.

There are a few differences from healthcare in the US, but nothing I would consider dangerous (I have been a certified paramedic since 1982).

The surgery went without a hitch and I spent two nights at the clinic with around the clock nursing care. When they released me from the clinic they took me to lunch (yum, chicken broth!) and out for a little shopping. Very little because after about 20 minutes I wanted off of my feet!

The residence house for the next two nights was great. Emmanuel Medical used to put patients at a hotel for two nights but recently (we were the first to stay there) opened a four bedroom condo in a gated community. Dr. Betancourt literally lives on the other side of the road in case of emergencies. The residence house was beautiful, I got to interact with other patients and felt perfectly safe and sound. It even came with a house man who waited on us hand and foot.

After two nights at the residence house, the chaperones drove me back to San Diego to catch my flight home. I arrived home yesterday and had already scheduled a follow up appointment for today with my personal physician. I relayed everything to her, she looked me over and said it all looked great. She understood the whole insurance won't pay thing and can't afford it in the US issue.

Would I do it again??? You betcha'.

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Hi,  I look into Dr Almanza also but I deceided to go with Dr Joya instead.  But, anyway he was runny a special for $5000 when I looked into it, that was in the last two weeks.  (medical tourism) Just thought you might be able to save a thousand dollars.
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on 10/27/09 9:49 am - Clearfield, UT

Hello!  I actually just got back from my VSG with Dr Almanza. It was the most amazing experience I had. It is the cheaper route but let me tell you there is no short cuts or you are not lacking any kind of attention or care what so ever. If you have questions,  please ask. I am happy to give you any input.

on 10/31/09 3:11 am

I was just like you... woundering. But, after taking the time to research and reading the different post regarding Dr. Almanza, the staff, and hospital. I went through medical tourism and I an scheduled for vsg in Jan. I an nervous...but an excited nervous.

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on 10/31/09 1:05 pm - AZ
On October 26, 2009 at 4:44 PM Pacific Time, Mitzi D. wrote:
Hi All,

Ok I am very satisfied with about 3 different doctors I have contacted about VSG however their prices are:  $6000 (Dr. Almanza), $7500 (Dr. Pompa) & $9500 (Dr. Aceves).  At this point I feel like duh, go with the one that is least expensive.  I have spoken to someone at each of these Dr.'s offices and are pleased with each of them.

So with that being said any of your input would be appreciated.


I went to Aceves.  I went to him for a few reasons.

Unlike the other two surgeons he is a full fellow of the Amercan College of Surgeons.  He has had his background checked and verified.

He is board certified in surgery.  Almanza is NOT!  I have a link if you wish to verify.

He is the president of the Mexican College of Bariatric Surgeons, a voted position.

He is in a REAL hospital and not a clinic.  It has an ICU, CCU, PICU, PACU, Heart Center, etc.  Very important and many surgeons "claim" to work in a hospital but they do not.  The address on the license is a completely different address.

He is a member of the ASMBS.

He does three leak tests..

He keeps you in an actual hospital for 3 nights following surgery.

He has done 700 sleeves and over 100 band to sleeve/bypass revisions and he's never had a leak.

He is one of the two doctors that other doctors send the complicated cases to.

HIS office staff will tell you the truth about stats and complications.

I can go on and on.  Please, see my blog for info on how to research a Mexican Sleeve Surgeon.

on 11/3/09 9:59 am
I am 1 week post-up from having VSG with Dr Almanza. Mid Western girl is right about no in-house ICU or stable of doctors. It is only an 8 bed hospital. Basically an O.R., a recovery room and 8 patient beds, is what I saw. I HAD to choose Dr's Almanza and Bentancourt, because I only had access to $6,5000 in financing. (I wouldn't have used Almanza if all signs didn't point to yes, of course. I wouldn't have done it at all.)

If I'd had access to the financing, I probably would have gone with Asceves, due to his being very experienced and the full-hospital back-up. 

That being said, I'm glad I didn't have access to the financing, because I have never been treated with more respect and compassion than I was by Dr Almanza, Dr Bentancourt and all the staff from top to bottom.

I developed some significant anxiety in the hospital (no one's fault, including my own) and really benefited from some IV Valium. I guess at the recovery house, I still looked frightened or sad to the housekeeper.  When she was leaving, she crossed the room and said "Buenos Noches" and kissed me on the head like I was someone she'd known all her life. It wasn't fake - it was genuine caring.

What's a kiss from a housekeeper mean when you need an ICU, though? I'll tell you what -  I think if I needed an ICU, I'd have been transferred to the best hospital in town, and provided with someone from the doctor's personal staff to stay by my side.

Other things:

I had 3 leak tests.
I stayed 2 nights in the hospital and 2 nights in the recovery house. Others spent 3 nights in the hospital and one person with weird vitals spent 4.

I think chances of getting MRSA or some other nasty staph infection were lowered by the fact that Emmanuel Medical Center is not a full hospital. No one is sick there. It's just healthy fat people and healthy plastic surgery patients. A full hospital is a terribly germy place.

Just my honest .02cents. - Kim

Mitzi D.
on 11/3/09 11:45 am - Fort Worth, TX
Thanks for your reply.  I am glad to hear you are doing well.  I too are in a position to watch my finances and besides Midwestern Girl, have heard nothing bad about Almanza.  I am aware that it is NOT a hospital they told me that when I called.  Plus, I don't need all the bells and whistles.  One Dr. I called told me they had marble counters in the rooms! LOL.  I was like OK then that is what I am paying more for:)  I want a clean environment and proper protocol being followed.  I really have been questioning myself lately about choosing Almanza, but I am feeling more confident with every passing day when I hear of experiences like yours!

Thanks again for your .02:)

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on 11/3/09 7:13 pm
Also you can consider Dr. Zapata of CIMA Monterrey. He is an VSG expert and has 10 years of experience doing various types of weight loss surgeries. And

CIMA Monterrey hospital is quite affordable without compromising quality service and facility. This hospital is also approved by The Joint Commissions of International Hospitals.

on 11/3/09 8:06 pm - Utah, CA
Ya and you will be glad to know that these doctors and there hospitals are very clean and hyigenic so you i hope you will feel much comfortable than other hospitals.All the best for your decision.
Take Care.