Coffee and caffine after surgery

on 1/24/10 6:32 am
Okay so here is another question. I was told that you can't have coffee after surgery is it because of the caffine or the coffee bean? I think the hardest thing for me to over come will be not drinking my coffee every nmorning. I will be in for some HUGE headaches!
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on 1/24/10 8:42 am - FL
I am not a coffee drinker but I would suggest posting this on the main VSG board (if that is what you are having),....people are always talking about that kind of stuff.  There are even protein drinks flavored as coffee, etc. 

I believe the no-caffeine rule is because it will dehydrate you and early out, you really have to focus on staying hyrdrated.

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on 1/24/10 8:57 am
I drink decaf everyday...It want help with the headaches, but you will still get in your coffee fix...Hot green tea and decaf coffee is one of my big ways to get in my liquids...Cold liquids just don't work for me, and believe me, I miss my water...someone suggested drinking warm water, but that doesn't work for me...I'm hoping this will change in time...

I didn't check to see when your surgery is, but if it is a couple of weeks out, maybe you can start cutting back the caffine and adding the decaf before your surgery...Just a thought...

Congratulations on your up and coming surgery...


on 1/24/10 10:11 am
Thanks Cyndy. I think if I can get my coffee fix I might be able to do it! I drink decaf at night when I am wanting my coffee.
Good suggestion EmerldCoast I think I will post on the main VSG board.
I am thankful to the both of you, you both have been so helpful in other postings as well.