Experience with BeLiteWeight - Ishi - Dr Jose Rodriguez?

on 3/1/10 1:32 pm
 I have been considering WLS for a long time now.  I've decided on the Sleeve.  I have been in contact with BeLiteWeight, and talking with a lady named "Ishi."  I am thinking about Sleeve surgery with Dr Jose Rodriguez in Juarez.  Has anybody out there had experiences with Beliteweight or this Dr?  Please don't be afraid to include good or bad things.  Also, can anybody tell me where I can find info on Mexican surgeons? I really want to make sure I select a qualified surgeon, not a butcher shop.  Thanks for any help and advice!
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Hi , There are a couple of good doctors I've seen online.... Please check Dr. Almanza, Dr. Joya, Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Aceves.  I've heard good things about these doctors.  I chose Dr. Almanza because I haven't heard anybad things about him plus cost.  He is one of the least expensive surgeons.  Good luck!
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I used BeLiteWeight august 2007 for lap band.  Joyce was my personal facilitator and she was great.  We corresponded for several weeks via emails and phone calls.  She always responded within an hour.  Once I decided to go with them, I was emailed the forms.  I filled them out, gave my surgery date I wanted, made my deposit of $500 and scheduled my trip.  Once at the airport in San Diego, the shuttle picked me and my Mom up.  The shuttle was 1/2 late getting there which ended up being the only bad thing about this entire adventure.  We got across the border with no problem, I had a passport already.  The surgeon at the Hospital of Angels,  met us in the lobby, thanked us for coming to Tiajuana for our surgery.  Blood work was done, xrays and then to our rooms we went.  I was questioned by the anesthelogist who wrote everything down.  Unlike here in the U.S., I was NOT asked repeatedly the same questions by different staff.  My room was like none here in the states.  The mattress was a good 9 inches thick, tv, daybed for my Mom, impressively large slate tile and glass shower.  The room was cleaned twice a day and the entire place was polished clean! The BeLiteWeight facilitator in the area, BeeBee, came for a visit after my surgery.  She took us out into the town, knowing the areas to go for some shopping, as walking was key.  There is always someone to hold your hand and guide thru this experience.  When looking around for a lapband surgeon, I wanted someone I could call and ask questions immediately.  I phoned area doctors offices and asked if I had a concern after the surgery, would I beable to speak with my surgeon?  The response was, his nurse would call me back when she could.  I got this answer 3 times which to me was not acceptable.  BeLiteWeight is a wonderful way to go.  Any questions, please email me!
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when you pay your 500 dollar deposit... when do you have to pay the rest? do you make payments or do they expect the money before they do the surgery?

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I know there are a couple of people on the boards who have used Dr. Rodriguez. I don't know anything about belite weight,tho. Post on the vsg board or the RNY board depending on what you are having,also.
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on 3/2/10 2:22 am
Hi there!  I had surgery with Dr. Jose Rodriguez on 11/19 and know several people whom have surgery with him as well. 

I also went through Beliteweight.  Jessica was my coordinator.  She is such a doll and was very helpful.  You can reach her at 503-539-3023, if you should desire.  You can tell her that Dawn Argo gave you her number.  She called me while I was in the hospital and upon my return home. 

I went to Mexico alone and my experience was very good.

Dr. Rodriguez tends to run great specials throughout the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer any question you have.

on 4/13/14 1:34 pm

Thank you cor posting about Dr.Rod. and Jessica because that's who I am using and hearing that you went alone is very comforting as well. 

I will have to take a 5 hour flight home,what are your thoughts on that ?

Do you or anyone on this site know of people having to fly home after surgery ?

Thank you very much.

on 3/3/10 8:56 am - sugar land, TX
I also used Dr Rod through beliteweight (sylvia) and I dont have anything bad to say about my trip. I went alone and never felt unsafe or anything like that.
on 3/4/10 3:05 pm
I chose Dr. Rod and "Sylvia and Belite" because of my age and I wanted to be in a hospital in case anything else went wrong with me.  Dr. Rod  and his staff were first class and the hospital was spotless, cleaning 24/7.  4months now for me and I have lost 50#.  I am loosing it slowly because I want to and I work most of the time and have very little time to excerise.  I would do it again with Dr. Rod.  Belite has a new VSG support group.  Good luck. 
on 3/4/10 7:47 pm - Brighton, CO
I am have LapBand done with Dr Rod at the INT Hospital in Tijuana.  Is this where you went.  Can you tell me more about your experience?  Getting nervous about the trip.  Thx Doreen