Dr. Joya's Complication Fund

Heidi V.
on 3/14/11 11:44 am - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Canada
Revision on 01/13/14
Hi Everybody!

I will be having my VSG on May 2nd, 2011 with Dr. Joya. I wanted to know if anybody used is $500 complication fund and if it is worth it?

on 3/14/11 12:37 pm
I don't know if I understand what a complication fund is... If someone has a complication, why wouldn't the surgeon just fix his work without an extra dime from the patient.

With that said, I had my VSG - complication free!
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on 3/16/11 6:14 am - Raleigh, NC
Hello.  I had my RNY with Dr. Joya 12/17/2010 and I did not pay for the comp. fund.  I just made sure I had a credit card with me just in case.  Dr. Joya is a great doctor and you should be fine.

The comp. fund is for if you have a leak or something, they can go in and fix it with no additional fee.  They do charge to go back in, but the doctors in the US also charge.  Start drinking protein drinks everyday now.  Protein in your stomach will help with the healing after the surgery.

For two days after the VSG, you can't have any water, ice or nothing.  The healing will start and most likely, there won't be a lead.  RNY was 3 days.  Its a little tuff, but you'll make it.

One thing you need to take to Mexico is a wash cloth.  For some reason, mexicans don't use was cloths.  I didn't know this and had to take a shower with my sock. LOL

I am down 70 lbs. This was the best thing I ever did!  I feel great!

on 3/16/11 1:35 pm - Fairfax, VA
 Hello I had surgery with Dr. Joya  July 6th. There was someone on the boards that had surgery the same day as I. i paid the complication fund and she didn't and I believe she was the wiser of the two of us. I think Dr Joya is a wonderful doctor and would do the surgery again with him but I believe the complication fund is a ripoff. 

My opinion is due to the fact that I did have a complication once I got home. I had severe reflux and nausea I have good insurance so they scoped me from the rooter to the tooter and the cause was just inflamation. I would not think of flying all the way back to Puerto Vallarta for those tests. His dietitian Nathalie asked me to send my results from the test to him but I didnt bother because my care was being managed well at home. 

Do what is comfortable for you but like I said souvenirs would be a better investment personally. The fact that it is no refundable as well was not pleasing either. 

Hope all goes well. Take care

on 4/7/11 8:15 am - KY
I am also having surgery with Dr. Joya.  My surgery is set for May 16.  I haven't decided if I will pay the $500 or not.  How many people actually have complications with Dr. Joya that they actually need this?

on 5/11/11 6:12 am
RNY on 08/16/05 with
I guess you've had your surgery by now. I hope all went well for you. I had RNY with Dr. Joya in August 2005. Nothing but good things to say...

Didn't need the fund money.
Take care,

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Heidi V.
on 5/11/11 12:23 pm - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Canada
Revision on 01/13/14

Yes, I had my surgery and did pay the complication fund......and had no complications. What a surprise...lol. I must say though...Dr Joya is a very handsome man.


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Bonnie M
on 2/19/12 11:03 pm - Sioux Falls, SD
I don't qualify for the fund because I'm a revision.  If I qualified, I'd buy it.  I always am cautious.