Dr. Ortiz at Obesity Control Center, Tijuana Mexico? Anyone?

on 7/8/11 12:26 am - CT
My husband and I are scheduled with this surgeon for August 1st.
We chose him based on some web info but it was before I found out about this site!

Has anyone been to this facility?
Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
on 7/10/11 2:26 am
I had gastric band surgery with Dr. Ortiz Feb. 18, 2010.  I chose Dr. Ortiz when I found out my insurance would not cover any costs of the surgery.  My husband did some searching online and found OCC.  We discovered Dr. Ortiz performed lap-band surgery on the doctor I wanted to see here in Florida and later trained the FL doctor to perform gastric banding.  Dr. Ortiz and his team (from the drivers to the nurses and doctors) are the best!  They are all very helpful, kind, and considerate.  The facility is great.  I received the best care there, far better than any care I have ever received in the U.S.  I have returned to OCC for all my fills.  I have not had any problems with the band at all.  I have lost 115 pounds so far, just 4 pounds away from OCC's goal for me!  I hope to return to Tijuana for plastic surgery (tummy tuck and arm lift) with OCC's Ariel Center in another year or so.  Be sure to follow the rules for before and after surgery and you will both do fine.  No carbonated drinks, no drinks with meals, small bites, chew well, eat slowly, don't force food, and watch dry meats like grilled chicken.  Keep us posted on your progress.  God bless you and your husband!
on 7/12/11 11:36 am - Gilbert, SC
As a matter of fact I am 2 weeks post op with Dr. Ortiz and the OCC and I will tell you it is the best surgical experience you will ever receive bar none. I had the gastric sleeve done on the 27th about 4pm, plus he repaired a hiatal hernia I have lived with for FREE. They did me last because of that. However, when they woke me up from surgery and said I was done and did great... I was AWAKE. There was no grogginess for me just goofy (as my husband says) from the memory meds. They had me up and walking about an hour after my surgery. It did not hurt me at all, but I remember it felt like she had me on a speedway walking fast. My husband went back to the hotel room and I watched some TV then went to sleep. Dr. Ortiz came in about 10am and woke me up and said that I was doing fabulous and so he was dismissing me to go back to the hotel. I would go back daily for bandage change, etc. Even went shopping at the little mall right down the road $5 taxi gets you anywhere. The Marriot will get a taxi, shuttle you to the OCC, etc. THEY are VERY Catering too.

I TRULY have no regrets about going there. I honestly believe I wouldn't be doing as well as I am had I gone stateside. I even started a new job on the 5th of July and am still doing great. I don't do alot of lifting or heavy house work just yet as my stomach tells me when I need to quit (and I am not complaining about that part either...) but I am functioning daily as if I never had anything done.

All of the videos you see, the pictures of the center, etc are just as you will see them in person. When we were there, we even noticed the housekeeper was mopping with a WHITE mop and not a dirty nasty mop.

I have a friend that is a doctor and she is even looking at going to him. If you go to the website you should find different articles. After I returned, an article was in the San Diego Newspaper about him and his daily commute across the border to go to work. He is an American Citizen (Dual Citizenship) and lives in San Diego. Has an Autistic Daughter that attends a special school in San Diego and he even donates a portion of the surgery proceeds to autism research. The entire staff is FAbULOUS! They are laid back too. While I was there on one of my bandage change visits, I had a chemical peel done on my face and THAT has amazed my husband. He said I didn't need it and after I had it done, he is like WOW! One day last week he commented on how pretty I looked and something about my makeup and I told him I didn't have on. He couldn't believe the difference that made either.

ONE really MAJOR thing is TAKE GasX. On the Wednesday after my surgery on Monday, I woke up and looked like I was 9 months preg. This is from the gas / air they use to blow up your stomach to work. That was my most miserable day of the entire journey and I wasn't that miserable. Took 2 chewable GasX about every 4 hours or so and that helped with that.

We actually went down two days early because the plane fare was so much more cheaper. I am really glad I did that too because it allowed us time to just relax, chill and get the lay of the land. When it was time for surgery, I was not nervous at all, just anxious to get it done.

I will be glad to answer any other questions you have. Hope this helps.
on 7/12/11 11:56 am - CT
Thanks sooo much!
I really appreciate the information. I am just a little nervous and of course want to know as much as possible before I go.

We are bringing my husbands brother and his wife. Can they go back and forth across the border with out any issues so they can visit San Diego?

on 7/15/11 1:02 am - FL

My daughter and I went to Dr. Ortiz after a year of research.  I am so very happy with his staff and him.  I was not 100 percent sure going to Mexico was the right thing to do.  Then I found Dr. Grossbaud from Tampa Florida.  He had gone to Dr. Ortiz 10 years ago and had the Lap band surgery.  Dr. Grossbaud was trained by Dr. Ortiz as many American doctors here in the US.  My daughter and I talked about and we made the decided to go with Dr. Ortiz.  He is great!!!!!  He took the time out to come to her room and answer all my questions and just joked with her to make her feel at ease.  When it was me that was worried.  He did explain that his job is very easy but her job was the hardest.   The surgery was only about 5-7 minutes but took a little long due to the perparation.  She has followed everything his staff and he recommended  and has lost a total of 25 pounds in abount 3 weeks !!!!!!  She has about 40 more to go.
She started the diet on 25 Jun he recommeds to loose about 10% of your body weight before surgery and she lost more she lost 17 pounds since her surgery Jul 4th she lost another 8 pounds.  I have not seen my daughter so happy in years.....  I am glad we went to Dr. Ortiz and would recommed him to anyone!!!!!!

Best of luck

on 7/15/11 11:26 pm - OK
I too had surgery with the Dr. Ortiz in January 07 after researching for 5 years.  BEST day of my life.  I have never had treatment, care or been pampered the way I was at the weight loss clinic.  I have had no problems, and have lost 144 lbs with my band.  The first year was a dramatic loss, the second year was slow and steady, the third year was a plateau but dropped another 20 this last year.  I think you will love it, everything about it. 
on 7/20/11 11:46 am
Yes, they will be able to go back and forth across the border as long as they have their passports.  Traffic is very heavy at times at the border.
on 7/17/13 12:10 am - Canada

Hi Donna:

I had the gastric sleeve with Dr Ortiz on february 12, 2013. My experience has been fantastic so far.  you wont regret your desicion.  Dr Ortiz.  and his team  are  EXCELLENT.  I'm coming back in october for my  6 months review  and for  the PRP ( ask DR Soo about it while you are there).  you can contact me at [email protected]  I'll be happy to answer any question you have.

I wish you the best on your up coming surgery


on 8/20/13 3:14 pm - CA
I am planning to have my sleeve with Dr Ortiz in November. I just wish that I could find more of his sleeve patients. :/
on 8/30/13 2:17 pm - San Diego, CA
VSG on 08/15/13
I'm a sleeve patient, 2 weeks post op. Happy to answer any questions you have.

5'10" PreOp-272, SW-261     Losses: PreOp-11, M1-20, M2-9.5, M3-4.5, M4-6