Questions re: Dr Illan

on 6/6/17 2:45 pm

Hi everyone! Newbie here. Been researching WLS in Mexico. I like what I've seen so far from Dr Illan. I have two questions:

  1. Were there any unexpected costs? We would be driving to Mexico so we would not need taxi/uber.
  2. How was your pain controlled? I read about a physician who wanted $1k extra for a pain pump and wouldn't give any narcotics (even while inpatient) to control post-op pain

Thanks in advance for your replies!!

on 6/22/17 10:20 am
VSG on 12/20/13

I had surgery with Dr. Illan in December of 2014. He is a fine, respectable surgery who cares about his patients. There were ZERO extra costs to me. I don't remember what they gave me for pain, but a pain pump in Mexico is probably very rare, and totally unnecessary for a sleeve gastrectomy. I was looked after every minute of the day - taken out to walk, taken out to eat and shop, reminded to do my breathing exercises, fed very well (special vegetarian meals), etc. The only extra money I paid was to dine out and a tip for the coordinator, and the shopping that I did.

on 6/22/17 10:21 am
VSG on 12/20/13

respectable surgeon, not surgery. When will I learn to proofread?

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