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on 10/16/18 6:42 am
VSG on 02/19/19
Topic: Dr.almanza in mexico

I have a surgery scheduled with dr. Almanza in february 2019. Ive seen mixed reviews on him. Has anyone used him? Thoughts?

on 10/16/18 6:37 am
VSG on 02/19/19
Topic: Dr. Alvarez in Mexico

I have my surgery scheduled for Feb 2019 with Dr. Alvarez. I am looking at reviews and some are pretty bad and alot are great. Has anyone on Here used him or his clinic?

Bonnie M
on 10/15/18 10:49 am - Sioux Falls, SD
Topic: RE: Dr. Armando Joya recently

I might have done a bank transfer ahead of time. I did carry over $9000 cash on me to Brazil for plastic surgery. It was in a money belt I wore at all times. I asked for private screening. I think you could carry $10,000 US cash then, you'll have to check current rules.

Bonnie M
on 10/15/18 10:45 am - Sioux Falls, SD
Topic: RE: Dr. Armando Joya recently

I had him a number of years ago for a revision. all was great, but I think it was Gerald that contacted me a year later and said he wasn't working with Dr Joya anymore.

on 10/8/18 7:15 pm
Topic: Dr Rodriguez and Hospital Angeles oct 23

Anyone going to Hospital Angeles for an October 23 surgery?

im seeing dr Rodriguez and using beliteweight. They have been great through the process, but I'm starting to get a bit scared. My husband and dad are irate at me, but I can't let that dissuade me. Payment made already.

Im hoping someone else I can meet will be there

on 10/1/18 2:38 pm
Topic: Help Me choose which Dr. Pompa, Illan, or Saucedo???


I have been narrowing down my search for Mexican surgeons and I am struggling. Please, can you tell me the good and the bad on these doctors?

Doctor Enrique Saucedo

Dr. Pompa

Dr. Jalil Illan

Thank you.

on 9/25/18 9:15 pm
Topic: HELP- Florence Hospital vs Oasis of Hope--Recent Experiences with Quality Medical Facilitators??

Hello, I've been absent from this forum for a long time. I had my sleeve in 2015, I used Quality Medical Facilitators and had a great experience, my surgeon was Mario Camelo. At the time, Quality Medical was using Florence Hospital and I believe they used Oasis of Hope also. I am helping a good friend make her decision, which is a big responsibility. Has anyone used Quality Medical Facilitators recently at the Oasis of Hope? I'm looking for recent reviews from 2018 with doctor Mario Camelo. Any feedback would be appreciated.

on 9/25/18 8:45 pm
Topic: RE: Letter for work

Hey Liz,

I notified my facilitators about needing my FMLA documentation along with others documents required by my HR dept beforehand and they filled everything out and emailed it directly to my work. Just let your customer service person know what you need in advance and they should be able to take care of it. Good luck!

on 9/25/18 8:39 pm
Topic: RE: Scheduled my surgery!!

Congrats Christina, Congrats!! I had my 3 year surgery anniversary in May and I couldn't be happier. I had the sleeve. Be consistent and you'll reach your goals, I know what I'm talking about, I got my body back and being in my 50s I feel younger than when I was in my 30s.

Christina M.
on 9/21/18 11:04 am
Topic: Scheduled my surgery!!

Schedule my surgery and booked my flights with Dr. Q at Pompeii Surgical!! January 10 is the day!