MGB vs gastric sleeve

shar S.
on 3/17/07 8:31 pm - Buffalo Grove, IL
RNY on 04/04/07 with
What is the difference between the 2?


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Mini Gadget
on 5/1/07 9:19 pm - MN
From what I have read the gastric sleeve does not do anything with the intestines. They just make a smaller stomach. But the pouches are bascially the same. After my mini bypass I was told my pouch was the shape of a "magic marker".
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on 5/7/07 10:23 am - Oregon City, OR
I believe that is correct, there is no malabsorption with VGS.
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on 6/20/07 12:41 am - Jacksonville, FL
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The VSG removes 80% or so of your stomach permanently, but leaves the pyloric valve in tact.  Removing the stomach is believed to help reduce the production of the hormone, ghrelin, which causes hunger.  Most surgeons who do it as a stand-alone, shape the new stomach around a 32 French bougie.  The intestines are left in tact and not altered. With the MGB, a long vertical pouch, similar to a sleeve, is created with a staple gun-- but the stomach outside of the pouch is not removed.  The pyloric valve is not left as part of the long tube... an opening is made which is then attached to the bowel that is brought up.  If you were looking at a restrictive only operation (no malabsorption/intestines), then I'd choose the VSG over the Band. (And I've had a Band for 6 years.)  If you're looking at a malabsorptive operation, then you have a couple of options... 1)Do the VSG, and if need be, add the DS component down the road  2) Do the MGB  or 3) the RNY.

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on 8/9/07 7:12 am - Yakima, WA
For more VSG info (if you are interested), visit I actually popped over here to find a picture, or diagram, of a MGB. Does anyone know where I can find one?
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Sandy H.
on 12/21/11 3:57 pm, edited 12/21/11 3:57 pm - Mineral Point, MO
I had been wondering the difference myself so I started doin research and found what the other responses were correct but I also researched it on YouTube and found the following videos and found them to be very informative, its not the actual surgery its an animation of what they do in surgery. Hope this helps.

Mini Gastric Bypass:

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy:

These helped make it more clear to me. Hope thsi helps you.

Sandy in Missouri

on 2/4/13 9:52 pm

Here's a link. Read up

on 8/28/07 10:31 am - NJ
Nano, Go to and they have diagrams. If you download the manual, they have diagrams of several of the procedures for comparison. There's also an MGB diagram (clearly taken right from the CLOS website) on Dr G. Alverez' site. I think you know about Dr A and can manage to find his link! HEE-HEE. Kahlua