liver shrinking diet and protein powder

on 6/17/14 9:04 am
RNY on 11/17/14

This is kind of a 2 part post lol first I wanted to see where most of you get your protein powder? 2nd my nutritionist put me on the liver shrinking diet to help with my pre op weightloss. I thought it was going to be awful but it's really not that bad  although its only been 2 days LOL. I have one more nutritionist visit in July then I am eligible for my insurance to cover part of my surgery yay! I am both nervous and excited more excited. I had decided to get the sleeve gastrectomy but after talking with Susan my nutritionist I think I have changed my mind and will have the mini bypass. Anyway I love looking at all the before and after pics so will be sure to put some up .

Michelle in NC


on 6/18/14 8:58 am - Culpeper, VA


I am tickled pink you are working with a nutritionist!!!!!  There is a protein powder especially made for bariatric patients.  It is Unjury.  It is very good.  Not the thick chalky stuff they sell at GNC.

Hey, keep us posted on your journey, ok?

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on 6/22/14 11:15 pm - Chisholm, Australia

Hey there :) its great that there is finally some help for us struggling with weight. I have been over weight ALL my life and am also having bypass this july :p. OPTI FAST is the diet I have to be on 2 weeks prior surgery to shrink my liver also. I just haven't been able to start it yet due to my lack of control with food, don't know what im going to do :(.

 I have been watching The FAT Doctor on YOUTUBE it makes me excited for us both. Just thought id tell you incase you want to watch some yourself. Good luck with the whole thing I hope it works for you.

on 7/6/14 1:54 pm
RNY on 11/17/14

thanks I will def be looking for that on youtube :)

Michelle in NC