Here's how to look on the bright side

on 6/18/14 8:56 am - Culpeper, VA

“Pessimism never won any battle. Shield your eyes, here's how to look on the bright side:”

What goes through your mind when you think about yourself, your health and fitness efforts, and your successes? Are they criticisms in disguise or full-throttle accolades? For instance, do you think, "I only lost one pound this month," or do you think, "One step closer to my goals!" Do you think, "I still have so far to go," or do you think, "I'm already feeling better and looking better." Being negative is all too easy and it has no up side, and really, do you have time for it? You've got a positive life to lead. Instead of listening to negative thoughts, kick 'em to the curb. Immediately replace them with good thoughts, productive thoughts, and happy thoughts. You do have control over what thoughts you allow in your noggin. If being negative hasn't achieved good results in the past, it's time to try something different. Take a big dose of a positive attitude and see where that gets you

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