Here's how to be a hot "tater"

on 7/27/14 7:35 pm - Culpeper, VA

“You go to the gym, but then turn into a couch potato when you get home. Here's how to be a hot 'tater.”

First of all, don't turn on the TV unless there is something specific you are going to watch for a short time. Spend the other hours you'd normally be potato-ing doing something productive. Plan your event ahead of time. Pick a project you've been putting off - organize a closet or the garage. Sound boring? Crank up the music and shake your booty while you work. Pick your top five favorite songs (or more) and wor****il your song set ends. You'll have a great time burning some calories and burning through your to-do list. Set a couple of evenings a week to do this and within a month you'll see quite a difference in your attitude, your waistline, and your digs.

Clueless about weight loss and weight loss surgery of any kind.