Here's how to act like a child

on 7/30/14 10:08 am - Culpeper, VA

“You're feeling energized lately but you couldn't possibly do that - you're too old. Here's how to act like a child.”

Now we might not emulate Tina Turner in a skin-tight leather mini and stacked heels singing rock n' roll when we're 60, or even trek through dangerous territory internationally for a story like 52 year old Ann Curry does, but what their examples show are you're never too old for ___ (you fill in the blank). Granted, once you reach a certain age you might not get accepted into the military, qualify as an Olympi**** skater, or get the lead in "Annie," but if you're healthy and up for the challenge, what can you do? Run a marathon, skate, Jet Ski, hike, or maybe jump rope in your driveway? Instead of saying, "I'm too old to...," try, "I can ____." You're never too old to try something that will keep you feeling young.

Clueless about weight loss and weight loss surgery of any kind.