Support- Walking Side By Side

on 8/7/14 2:59 am
Mini Gastric Bypass on 03/18/14

Okay, So I am new to the site and fresh out of surgery about meh 6 months,

Feel's like Im learning to walk all over again with no Support in hand So here I am. Having to take this Journey alone with no one really around that understands what I am feeling or the struggles of the surgery can't really help, besides give me there advice which is great, Unless there advice isn't helpful :/

Really having people there that can help guide you and listen to your fears and Some to be able to answer your Questions is what I truly need

And for anyone else is the same place as I,


on 8/7/14 8:55 pm - Culpeper, VA

We moved a lot after I had surgery and support groups were not in the area.  So, what I did was get some support group training and started my own group.  I found out that while helping others, I was being helped. 

Another idea is to google Bariatric Support Centers International and see if there is a support group in the area or read about training as a support group leader.  Obesityhelp also as an excellent support group training program.

Another option is to try  See if there are any support groups in the area.  In the meantime, you can join other groups that share similar interests so you won't feel so alone.

Sometime you just gotta do something to get something.  Hang in there!

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