Do you dump, on what?

on 11/27/14 12:40 pm - Australia

I dump on the sleeve so I am thinking i am likely to dump with the Mini Bypass as well.  I get delayed Dumping about 3 hours after sugar (only sometimes) and get shaking nausea and clammy.  


I actually hope I dump after the bypass but I am scared as well.  

Janice N.
on 11/29/14 11:18 pm - MO
Mini Gastric Bypass on 10/01/14 with

I am very fortunate I have never dumped.when did you have your sleeve done?

on 12/1/14 9:24 pm - Australia

Hi I had a sleeve gastrectomy in 2008 and never lost all of my weight. 

on 6/19/16 2:19 am

I never dumped. Not even on sugar. However every time I had protein shakes I had something similar to a dumping syndrome so I had to quit all protein shakes