Plus Size Compression Running Pants/Tights?

on 11/1/08 9:30 am - NY
Does anyone know where to find plus size compression pants?  I don't mean compression stockings or undergarments for improving circulation or reducing the appearance of cellulite; rather, something sporty like the support leggings that runners wear for muscle fatigue.  Junonia makes something similar - or maybe I should say made them because theirs seem to be on clearance and aren't available in my size.  Or maybe I don't need specialized exercise garments - I could try wearing Spanx or something under regular cotton-Lycra leggings.  I just want to feel like a smooth, sleek package when I exercise.  I don't like the distraction of my flesh moving in various directions and moving against me.  I want it all moving together!  Does this make sense?  I'd need about a size 18-20, and the sites I've visited with the cool looking running tights don't seem to cater to women my size.  Thanks in advance for any help.
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on 11/1/08 8:45 pm - SC
Have you checked out the Danskin site?
on 11/2/08 12:30 am - NY
Thanks - I'm going to check now.  Duh, Danskin hadn't occurred to me at all!
on 11/30/08 11:37 am
Have you found anything good yet? My dilema sounded so  much like yours I had to write. Also a size 18-20 but feeling so lumpy and jiggly in my workout clothes I am too embarassed to move around as much as I'd like. And like you said its distracting and discouraging and just doesn't feel good. I've been searching for over an hour and here's what I thought sounded best: ActivShaper DLX Bootcut Fitness Pant with a full power-mesh liner from waist to knee, it provides more shape, hold, and control. I like that they are not tight on the ankle, too. I feel like that makes my butt look even wider. Available at Careful with the sizes tho. They run 1-5 but those are NOT x sizes. Check out the size chart. I'm a size 18-20 and I'm gonna order the size 5 and just hope and pray. hahah. Still looking and would love to hear about anything you've found.
on 2/4/10 11:36 am
Lands' End has size 18-20
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